Song Joong-ki’s ‘Battleship Island’ Might Make It To Cannes Film Festival

Looks like everything that Song Joong-ki touches turns into gold. If all goes well, the handsome actor will be gracing the red carpet at Cannes Film Festival this year.

The Hallyu actor’s upcoming movie Battleship Island is one among the four South Korean movies that might make it to Cannes.

Song Joong-ki, who created a global phenomenon in the military romance Descendants of the Sun, plays a crucial role in the movie.

The actor, who was busy juggling between fan meetings and shooting for commercials, managed to stay on schedule and help the crew complete filming.

Song Joong-ki said that he is excited about the movie.

“This is a grand project and I am happy to be a part of it. I have been running for six months to keep my body in shape. I wanted to do a great job because I believe this is a meaningful project.”

Battleship Island, which flaunts a stunning cast, including actors So Ji-sub and Hwang Jung-min, is 2017’s most anticipated South Korean movie.

The movie captures the life of oppressed coal mine workers in Hashima Island, commonly called Gunkanjima. The island is an abandoned piece of disaster, located 15 km from Nagasaki in Japan.

“The city’s economy will revitalize as film staff members stay here. Also, we expect many Hallyu fans from inside and outside of the country to visit the city during the shooting,” the official said a few months ago.

Film director Ryoo Seung-wan said that the movie has to undergo another round of fine-tuning.

According to a report by Inquisitr, the movie involves a lot of computer generated imagery and will be released by June.

Battleship Island was hard to shoot. The experience was painful.,” director Ryoo Seung-wan said.

The Hallyu trio, meanwhile, is happy that the filming is complete and can’t wait for its release in June.

Actor So Ji-sub said that he can’t wait to see the movie. “There were some dangerous shooting scenes, which were quite challenging to do. It was also emotionally taxing. I am truly glad that we managed to finish the movie on time. I am happy,” he said.

Hwang Jung-min, whose character plays a major role in Battleship Island, said that the project displayed a lot of teamwork. “It is over and I want to applaud myself. The cast and the crew worked so hard to make it happen,” the actor said.

Battleship Island: The Plot

The movie is set in the Japanese colonial era, and it focuses on the lives of brave Korean fighters who escaped an island guarded by ruthless Japanese men.

The plot revolves around three characters: Lee Kang-ok, played by Hwang Jung-min; Choi Chil-sung, played by So Ji-sub; and Park Moo-young, played by Song Joong-ki.

Lee Kang-ok is a bandmaster at Kyungsung Hotel, who decides to go to Japan to rescue his helpless daughter. However, he gets caught and is exiled to Battleship Island.

Choi Chil-sung is a ferocious war hero, who is a nightmare to the guards of Battleship Island.

Park Moo-young is a young freedom fighter. He belongs to the Korean Independence group. He sneaks onto Battleship Island in Nagasaki to rescue a member of the Korean Independence group.

Other South Korean titles vying for a slot at Cannes Film Festival are Hong Sangsoo’s Claire’s Camera, starring Isabelle Huppert and Kim Min-hee, Bong Joon Ho’s Netflix-backed Okja, and Shin Su-won’s Glass Garden is among the other possibilities.

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[Featured Image by Ahn Young-joon/AP Images]