Chrissy Metz Is Ready To Be A ‘Plus-Size’ Bride On ‘This Is Us’

Chrissy Metz is ready to do some wedding planning–or at least some dress shopping. The This Is Us star says she is holding out hope that her character, Kate Pearson, will tie the knot with fiancé Toby Damon (Chris Sullivan) sometime during the second season of the hit NBC drama.

This Is Us fans were excited when Toby spontaneously asked Kate to marry him while he was recovering in the hospital after heart surgery. While the couple soon put the brakes on their wedding plans until they could learn more about one another, planning their big day could be back in full swing now that Chrissy’s character has finally opened up to her man regarding the death of her father, Jack (Milo Ventimiglia).

In an interview with Screener TV, This Is Us star Chris Sullivan joked that he needs a “Koby” wedding in order to keep his job.

“Toby’s got to get married to Kate so he can stay on the show, right? Hashtag Season 3,” Sullivan said.

“I think the key to a strong foundation is honesty, and vulnerability in a relationship, so they’re well on their way. They’ve gotten past all the fun, romantic stuff that’s like okay, but there’s no foundational equipment in that stuff. They’ve got to get down to the nitty-gritty.”

Chrissy Metz also revealed that she was ready for a “fun” and happy day for her This Is Us character, and she teased that it could be a television first.

“Who doesn’t want to see a really fun wedding between Toby and Kate?” Metz said.

“And a wedding dress! Have we seen a plus-size woman being married on television? I don’t know if we have.”

While details on the second season of This Is Us are scant, at a panel with the This Is Us cast and creators, Chrissy Metz said she is ready to do some dress shopping.

“We might be hearing wedding bells [next season for Toby and Kate],” Chrissy teased, according to Glamour. “I want a dress!”

Metz told People magazine that she is also ready for her character to have her first love scene with her fiancé. While the couple definitely did the deed on Christmas Eve (Toby, unfortunately, had a heart attack afterward), the sex scene was not shown on the show.

“When are they going to have sex, guys? Onscreen,” Chrissy said. “I want it onscreen—I guess it’ll offend people, still. Fat people do have sex, for the record.”

While sex may not be in the script, This Is Us writer and co-showrunner Elizabeth Berger did reveal that Metz’s character will do more than just focus on her weight next season.

“We’re going to [have Kate] do a lot of singing [next season],” Berger said, according to Glamour. “We’re excited to explore this part of her because she has a beautiful voice.”

No matter what happens with Kate, Toby, and their wedding, Chrissy Metz is definitely ready for some light-hearted moments after last season’s heavy storylines.

“I think that the writers balance it so well, but I wouldn’t mind seeing some more happy stuff,” Chrissy told TODAY.

“I think (the writers) do a really beautiful job of bringing in some levity and the romance and the real-life issues. Sometimes we don’t know how to deal with them. But I think a wedding for Kate and Toby would be really fun. Plus, next season Kate’s going to pursue her heart’s desires, so that will be happy.”

Take a look at the video below to see Chrissy Metz talking about her This Is Us character’s engagement.

Chrissy Metz and the rest of the cast will return to This Is Us in the fall of 2017.

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