From Daft Punk To MJ’s Thriller: New Warframe Octavia Has Fans Composing Songs

So Warframe gets a new character, Octavia. And the community has launched into a frenzy over custom Octavia songs, from random beats to Michael Jackson hits.

This week, Hardcore Gamer reported that a huge update is coming to Warframe, bearing new weapons, a new quest, new feature Captura, and new warframe Octavia. The bard warframe, Octavia, not only brings musically adept abilities to the table, but also a brand-new feature that lets players craft their own in-game music that goes with Octavia’s abilities.

Warframe Octavia brings new quest Octavia's Anthem
Warframe Octavia brings new quest Octavia's Anthem

If you’ve logged into Warframe this week, you’ve probably already seen an Octavia warframe in a random mission—or you might own one already, too. This writer has seen Octavia in action (taxi-ing in a mission that was way to hard for me but I managed to bleed out until my squad got to me) and man, were her beats crazy!

If you haven’t seen it in action just yet, Octavia comes with a “fully functioning sequencer” that lets the warframe owner create and compose songs that will play during her attack. This sequencer is what Warframe devs are calling the Mandachord, which is “a formidable tool used to mix Melody, Bass, and Percussion into a harmony of destruction.”

Compose some beats for your abilities with Octavia's madachord [Image by Digital Extremes]
Compose some beats for your abilities with Octavia's madachord [Image by Digital Extremes]

So of course, Warframe players who are not as musically adept as some are already clamoring in various forums for songs they can plug into their Octavias. In fact, players at the Warframe subreddit are already talking about creating a whole subreddit to dedicate to Octavia songs for the convenience of having it all in once place (and some are already liking the name suggestion Darudeframe).

So if you’re one of the Warframe people can’t compose a song to save their lives and are looking for some sick Octavia beats to drop, here are some Octavia songs we found that would really bring up squad morale during a mission.

Want some Epic Sax Guy for your Octavia warframe? As Gorb N’ Denn says about his Octavia song composition, “Why not?”

Okay, so you wanna see some cringe-worthy Octavia-dancing time? How about Octavia dancing to Mortal Kombat beats? This would surely boost the squad morale—or at least make them want to hit you.

If Mortal Kombat was not enough to get those warframes pumping, maybe an “Eye of the Tiger” would do the trick.

And if you’re calling the subreddit dedicated to Octavia songs Darudeframe, might as well drop some “Sandstorm” by Darude.

Want a Warframe and Legend of Zelda mash-up? Then make your Octavia warframe play “Lost Woods” from Legend of Zelda.

And for more Nintendo-Warframe crossovers, plug in this Super Mario theme song on your Mandachord, too, and let those HD pixels dance.

Right along the quirky tunes of Super Mario is this Octavia song featuring the Inspector Gadget theme song.

For a more throwback Octavia song, why not try out “What is Love” by Haddaway and let your Warframe squadmates sing the lyrics to your beats.

And of course, on the subject of sick beats, who can forget about the King of Pop, Michael Jackson? From Smooth(ish) Criminal to Thriller, your Octavia will surely be the best bard warframe everyone will want to fight beside.

With the countless songs and beats you can customize for your Octavia warframe, players are asking for an update that lets Octavia switch in between saved songs on shuffle. Imagine listening to that “Eye of the Tiger” beat twenty times in a row. That’s enough to send any of your squadmates running away!

It’s just been days since Octavia was launched into Warframe and we’re excited to see more composers get their hands on Octavia so we can get even more badass beats to play with.

[Featured image by Digital Extremes]