WWE News: Triple H Talks NXT In Spain, And Major WWE Changes In 5 Years

Triple H has been helping to run WWE Talent Relations and led a change for the better in WWE for years now, but could there be more major changes coming that may make things even more interesting in the WWE? Triple H is credited with helping to make the “new generation” possible in WWE, as the roster is considered to be just as good as the roster in the Attitude Era and even the 1980’s by many. While the stars are just getting started, the talent is just as amazing as those past generations.

WWE NXT has really helped to shift things in the right direction, as well as the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. The Performance Center is made to be exactly what one might see at NFL team or Olympic training center for athletes. Triple H designed it so that the WWE talent could have literally all they need to succeed. It has worked exceptionally well it seems, with so many coming out of the NXT program being as good as the veterans already there.

NXT itself has become so popular that it is now a touring brand for the WWE. Naturally, it is going to be asked about a great deal whenever Triple H does interviews. He leads the entire thing from who takes part in it to the creative in the storylines for the show. He was asked about this and more in a recent media call with reporters. The transcript of the call was provided by Daily Wrestling News. He was asked about NXT possibly going to Spain to start things out, and The Game said the following.

“Triple H said he would love that and those are things they look at logistically a lot. He encouraged fans to get use social media to let them know where they want NXT to come. Regarding “Takeover: Orlando” being seen as NXT’s WrestleMania, Triple H agreed. He said this is their second year running Takeover events at WrestleMania as the growth has been quick and impressive. He said this year in Orlando is taking things to a whole new step. There’s a lot of anticipation for the card and he thinks that’s great. He believes even with the four matches announced, Takeover has the potential to steal the weekend. He said this Takeover is absolutely the WrestleMania for NXT.”

Triple H and Stephanie
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Triple H was then asked about the WWE UK tapings and other potential similar events in other parts of the world has to do with the WWE Network or if they’re looking to land television deals in these markets to promote events, or if it is still an evolving process. Triple H said the following.

“It is still an evolving process and will continue to be that way as they get to the different markets, depending on many factors such as the size of the opportunity, the local partnerships they have, penetration of the WWE Network and broadband capability in that market. He said they are really looking into it and it’s just going to depend, and time well tell but they are looking for the best avenues. He said it’s an exciting time.”

Triple H was then asked about Kassius Ohno, but went into a major talk regarding talent, how they are used, and more. He claimed…

“Regarding Kassius Ohno’s return to NXT, what changed from his first run and if there are different expectations now, Triple H said the system isn’t for everybody and there are lots of rumors and speculation on why he left the first time. He said most of those aren’t true and not factors. He said the departure was really amicable as they had a talk before where Triple H said if it didn’t work, there would be no hard feelings and both sides would go about their ways. He used the NFL’s Jets and Patriots as a random example, saying if you play for the Patriots they just need you to run their playbook. The Jets playbook may be great and you may know all their plays, but you’re on the Patriots side and he needs you to play their playbook, be on their team and be open to that if nothing else. He said there were just difficulties there, not mean-spirited or in a terrible way, just an inability to work together that caused Ohno to leave.”

Chris Hero/Kassius Ohno
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“Triple H was happy to see what Ohno did having success outside of NXT. Fast forward to now and they had talks about wanting the opportunity again. Triple H indicated Ohno realized after he left how everything WWE told him that he thought he knew better on, he went and applied outside of NXT and now he’s doing all the things the company talked to him about doing, and he didn’t know why he wasn’t doing them now in NXT. They then started having talks and the timing was right so they got back together and will see how it goes. He said the entire thing was handled in a great way and he’s all about opportunities but the system they have won’t be for everybody and they’re not the only place to perform. He’s happy Ohno is back and thinks Ohno is a phenomenal talent but like everybody he’s going to learn and grow, and they will continue to work together.

He talked about putting a guy like Patrick Clark in the ring with Ohno and how the experience level and the knowledge level will transfer from one guy to another as they’re putting on this show together. That’s when it becomes magical. The things Ohno knows he will help transfer to Clark and move Clark up the line of experience. That’s what it’s all about and Ohno brings a wealth of that. He’s thrilled to have Ohno. They will have other talents to leave, other talents to come back, talents who will be on RAW and SmackDown over the next few years before shifting back to NXT or maybe the UK or somewhere else.”

Clearly, some major changes and a lot more interesting things are going to happen in the WWE over the next number of years. It is also interesting that he references how experience means a lot to NXT just as much as those who are developing. Seeing a guy like Shinsuke Nakamura on WWE NXT may seem odd, but the experience he is sharing is useful. On top of this, it allows him to pick things up right away. At the end of the day, some of the things being done in WWE may seem a bit weird to start, but it’s usually for a purpose when Triple H is in charge of it.

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