Halle Berry Fight: Gabriel Aubry Arrested, Olivier Martinez Hurt In Brawl

Halle Berry witnessed a fight at her house on Thanksgiving morning, which landed Gabriel Aubry in jail after he and Olivier Martinez went to the hospital.

Gabriel showed up at Halle’s house with Nahla, the couple’s daughter, for a custodial hand-off, reports TMZ. Olivier, Berry’s fiance, was home at the time. He walked up to Gabriel and stated, “We have to move on.”

Witnesses report that the idea did not sit well with Gabriel, who pushed Martinez and attempted to punch him in the face. A fight ensued between the two, which ended with Berry’s fiance pinning her ex-beau to the ground.

The fight at Halle Berry’s house left Gabriel with a broken rib, contusions on his face, and a possible head injury. Olivier is reportedly suffering from a possible broken hand and neck injuries from the fight.

Police were called to the home and Gabriel was escorted by them to the emergency room. Olivier was seen at the same hospital about an hour later and the two were reportedly seen to rooms just down the hall from each other.

ABC News notes that police have not charged Gabriel Aubry yet for his role in the fight at Halle Berry’s house. A judge has, however, issued an emergency protective order that requires Gabriel to stay at least 100 yards away from Berry, Martinez, and Nahla until December 3.

There are no details on what the two were saying to each other as they exchanged punches, because they were trash talking each other in French. There are also conflicting accounts on whether or not Gabriel Aubry was knocked unconscious during the scuffle. Thankfully, Nahla did not witness the fight.

Are you surprised that Halle Berry’s ex and her fiance were in a fight on Thanksgiving morning?