WWE News: WWE Names Top 5 Choices To Replace Mick Foley As Raw General Manager

It was rumored to happen at any time and last week, Mick Foley was officially “fired” as the general manager of Monday Night Raw, but there was no replacement immediately named. Commissioner Stephanie McMahon was done with the former world champion and knew it was time for him to go, but who could possibly take his place? WWE has released their list of the top five possible choices to replace Foley and there is one of them that is overly intriguing.

There is no doubt that Mick Foley was going to be taking time off from WWE television soon and it was due to him needing hip surgery. He will be laid up for a while and has even said that he won’t be able to fly for about six weeks which means he couldn’t possibly be there for Raw each week.

Now, a replacement is needed after his firing and one could come as soon as this week, but a new GM isn’t expected to be named until after WrestleMania 33. While waiting, though, the official website of WWE has revealed their top five choices to replace Foley and they are quite interesting.

Eric Bischoff

The former WCW head honcho has already been the general manager of Monday Night Raw in the past and seeing him appear on WWE television is a moment frozen in history. Still, he has a good relationship with the company and is even inducting Diamond Dallas Page into the WWE Hall of Fame next weekend as reported by Cageside Seats.

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin

This would honestly be the ultimate fan-favorite choice to take over control of Raw, but he would still have to be under the thumb of Stephanie McMahon. For anyone who has watched any bit of wrestling in the past, Austin is not one to really mesh well with authority and that could get ugly in a hurry.

wwe news tease monday night raw general manager mick foley kurt angle steve austin
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Jim Cornette

It may not be necessary to say, but those that are longtime wrestling fans know the relationship between WWE and Jim Cornette is strained, for lack of a better word. He is coming back next weekend to induct the Rock ‘N Roll Express into the WWE Hall of Fame, but he’s not overly happy about it.

As reported by 411 Mania, Cornette always said he would come back to do the induction if asked, but he’s angry that he was wrong. Cornette always believed the RNR Express would never be inducted and that he wouldn’t be asked to induct them, but he was wrong on both counts and now, he will eat his words.


This would be another very popular choice with the fans as they always love hearing his music and watching Edge walk out through the smoke. Injuries caused the former world champion to retire much too early and he has kept a great relationship with WWE, but he has a lot of other irons in the fire and may be too busy to take the position.


Kurt Angle

Now, here is the most intriguing option listed by WWE as we all know Angle will be inducted into the Hall of Fame next week, but the general manager of Raw? It is not fully known if he will ever wrestle again for the company, but he could take another on-screen role and there is one open for him to fill.

wwe news tease monday night raw general manager mick foley kurt angle steve austin
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WWE even specifically stated that “Angle is returning to WWE, and – as far as we know – he has no plans to put on the straps again.” That is a huge tease in itself, but the company goes on to detail just why he would make a great fit as the Raw GM and it is hard to disagree with any of their reasons.

While Mick Foley was doing a great job as the general manager of Monday Night Raw, the schedule for his real-life hip surgery had simply come and he needed the time off. With his storyline firing, Stephanie McMahon will need to name his replacement soon so that order can be kept on Team Red and WWE certainly brought forth some interesting choices. The suggestion of Kurt Angle taking over as the GM at least suggests WWE is listening to the fans and the rumors flying around.

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