Meek Mill Loves Remy Ma Dissing Nicki Minaj As Mariah Carey Diss Track Surfaces

Meek Mill is said to be loving the fact that Remy Ma just won’t stop taking digs at Nicki Minaj — something the rapper clearly thinks his ex-girlfriend deserves.

According to Hollywood Life, Meek Mill found it rather entertaining to see that Mariah and Remy had linked up to collaborate on Carey’s hit song “I Don’t” featuring rapper YG.

The song has been out for weeks, but with the attention surrounding Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj’s feud, Mariah saw no reason not to remix the track in the hopes that it would draw enough attention to make the song bigger than what it already became.

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While it’s not necessarily the lyrics that are directly dissing Nicki, the fact that Mariah and Remy — two women who can’t stand Minaj — teamed up just weeks after the “Shether” feud took off has Meek Mill sitting back and watching it all unfold.

Meek Mill is said to be angry with Nicki for doing him dirty, having decided to call it quits with the rapper and wasting no time in getting back to being friends with Drake — Meek’s ongoing rap rival.

The 29-year-old thought it was rather suspicious that as soon as he was dumped, Nicki was straight back to being friends with Drake, Daily Mail reveals, making it seem like it was her plan all along to eventually call it quits with Meek Mill and remain on good terms with the “One Dance” hitmaker.

He doesn’t feel as if his ex-girlfriend was a ride-or-die woman for him; instead, she was flip-flopping back and forth, and this proved Meek’s point. After being with him for two years, Nicki is now back with Drake, which Mill feels is anything but genuine, describing Minaj’s character as disloyal.

“Damn, Remy took the words right out of Meek’s mouth. It’s as if he wrote her verse for her,” an insider tells Hollywood Life. “That’s exactly how he felt about Nicki right after they broke up.”

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“Meek was hurt Nicki didn’t go hard for him when he was caught up in the feud with Drake. Nicki did him dirty and he felt like she wanted Drake to win their rap battles. It’s cool. Meek’s done with her now and look what’s happening, she’s getting clobbered by Remy and she’s all alone too. Damn, how the tables have turned.”

It certainly doesn’t help for Meek Mill to also be aware of the fact that Nicki Minaj has been supporting Drake on multiple shows during his European leg of his “Boys Meets World” tour, which is grossing hundreds of thousands of dollars per concert.

As far as the Remy Ma feud with Nicki Minaj is concerned, Meek Mill has picked his side. From everything that the “All The Way Up” artist has said about Minaj thus far, Meek has seen no reason to step him and defend the woman he thought he’d spend the rest of his life with.

If anything, he wants Nicki to get a taste of her own medicine and realize that if she’s going to play him, two people can play that game.

Meek Mill is also said to be dropping new music later this year, and now that his ex-girlfriend has already made digs at him on songs including “Regret In Your Tears,” Meek will get his own say when he finalizes his forthcoming mixtape.

Fans should brace themselves for another “Shether,” sources say, revealing that Meek Mill will not be holding back from all the things he has seen and heard while dating Nicki. He’s done playing nice and is ready to serve his former lover a dose of her own medicine.

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