‘Grace & Frankie’ Season 3 Hits Netflix — See The New Man Standing In Their Way

Grace and Frankie have a new man attempting to foil their plans for Season 3, episodes that are now available on Netflix.

Veteran actor Peter Gallagher is joining the cast as a businessman competing against the start-up business the ladies are forming on new episodes of Grace and Frankie, according to Entertainment Weekly. The business? A sex toy venture aimed at the elderly.

That revelation came to light at the end of the show’s second season. Now, Grace and Frankie are forging ahead with the company to avoid humiliation after informing their joint family gathering of their business plans, Jane Fonda told Entertainment Weekly.

“Yes, they’re doing it partly to save face after the way Season 2 ended, but Grace also really wants to be a business woman and is very good at it, unlike Frankie. She’s the main hitch because Frankie, being what she is, is just not good business; she’s difficult to reign in and I end up having to tell her what to do because she just blows it all the time.”

Peter Gallagher’s character isn’t the only obstacle standing in the way of Grace and Frankie in the new season’s episodes. Indeed, Jane Fonda confirmed that Grace and Frankie will face several setbacks as the duo becomes fully focused on their sex toy business.

With two women who are beyond 70 years old headlining the show, Grace and Frankie have become the current generation’s Golden Girls. That’s a comparison that does not seem to bother Marta Kauffman, the show’s executive producer. In a Deadline interview, the former Friends showrunner explained the reason timeless shows that avoid topical storylines become so popular.

“When we did Friends, we were told we have to have older characters in it so it would appeal to a broader audience. What we said then I think applies now, which is if you tell a universal story, people are going to watch. I also think in the case of this show, they feel good. It’s a positive message, which is that you can start your life over at any time, at any point in your life.”

Jane Fonda agreed with Kauffman over the assessment. The feedback Jane Fonda has received has come from generations young and old who tell the veteran actress that Grace and Frankie have been inspirational characters showing everyone it’s not too late to start anew.

“The thing I get the most feedback about is women — not just older women, but college-aged millennials as well — tell me they love the show because it makes them feel hopeful about the future. They like seeing these two older women who are healthy and rambunctious… You can really screw up in life, but there’s always a chance for a fresh start. That’s what the show’s all about.”

Peter Gallagher’s addition to the cast adds another strong veteran to the show’s ranks. The latest foil on Grace and Frankie has enjoyed recurring roles on multiple shows as of late, including New Girl, Law and Order: SVU, and Covert Affairs. Peter Gallagher is also well known for movie roles in Mr. Deeds, American Beauty, and While You Were Sleeping.

Grace and Frankie Season 3 began streaming on Netflix on Friday, March 24. In the Deadline interview, Marta Kauffman confirmed that Grace and Frankie will return for a fourth season as episodes are already in production. No release date has been named for Season 4 episodes of the popular Netflix series.

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