Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Tony Romo Could Retire If This One Team Doesn’t Sign Him

The Dallas Cowboys are dealing with one of the most drawn-out and dramatic sagas in NFL history, but the weird part is that nothing is even really happening with it. After another injury and the emergence of quarterback Dak Prescott, it was obvious that Tony Romo’s time in Dallas was over. Now, he’s still with the team and the general feeling is that they may not release him without getting anything, but the veteran is actually beginning to believe retirement may be better.

Tony Romo was not going to be a member of the Cowboys in 2017 and that much was almost certain, but it was also expected that he would have his new team by now as well. Instead, NFL free agency is weeks old and the veteran quarterback is still on the Dallas roster but he’s in limbo as far as his future goes.

A number of teams have been rumored to be in the Tony sweepstakes, but a lot of them have dropped out after Dallas’ failure to release him. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has been trying to get a trade worked out but his asking price is simply too high and it just isn’t working out.

By this point, even the longtime Dallas quarterback is starting to believe that retirement may be his only option.

dallas cowboys rumors tony romo houston texans retire
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According to ALL 22, Romo has stopped looking at the barrage of possible teams he could play for and started looking at one of two options — the Houston Texans or retirement.

Now, the quarterback has never come out and said this publicly to anyone in the media or even to the Dallas organization. This is only one of the rumors that have gone through the waves of reporters and ended up on the internet for all to see and discuss, but could there be any truth to it at all?

The Houston Chronicle is reporting that the saga regarding number nine could end up coming to an end over the weekend or at least by Monday. The NFL owner meetings are this weekend and that could give Jones a lot of time and chances to speak with other owners about possible deals for his veteran signal-caller.

There is no doubt that the Houston Texans need help at quarterback with the departure of Brock Osweiler and Tom Savage nowhere near ready to lead the team. Romo would easily step right into the starting spot, but if he doesn’t end up there, would he really retire?

dallas cowboys rumors tony romo houston texans retire
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Retirement is an option that he could end up looking at, but there are many out there who don’t believe it is a feasible one. Dallas Cowboys Hall of Fame wide receiver Michael Irvin recently said that there is absolutely no chance the quarterback will retire, according to CBS Sports.

“Tony’s not retiring. Tony’s not retiring. Tony loves to play. Tony is a competitor like you’ve never seen. I know his body looks like maybe he’s not. I’ve seen it. I’ve seen it in the shower. But this dude can play any sport, and he plays it great. He put it on me in basketball. I don’t even try to mess with him in golf. This dude can play any sport and play it great. I want that. I want that on my team. He’s not retiring, I can tell you that.”

There are a few teams in the NFL who could still use a veteran quarterback such as Tony and that does still include the Texans, Denver Broncos, and New York Jets. The only problem is wondering how long they will wait as Jerry Jones and Dallas continue to hold onto a player that won’t likely see the field for them in 2017.

It is not a surprise that Jerry Jones wanted the Dallas Cowboys to get something in return for the loss of Tony Romo, but that just doesn’t seem as if it is going to happen. Now, NFL free agency is weeks old, teams are signing other players, and absolutely nothing is happening with the veteran quarterback. While other teams have had an interest in signing or trading the Dallas QB, if the Houston Texans don’t get him soon, retirement may be his only option.

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