Reggie Evans Gets First Flopping Fine [Video]

reggie evans

Reggie Evans made history this week when he became the first NBA player in history to get fined for flopping.

The league announced earlier this year that they would start handing out fines for flopping. The flopping penalties are not called during the game. Instead, a committee reviews questionable calls to determine if a player tried to fake a foul. A player now receives a warning for their first flop and a fine for each additional flop.

Evans was caught flopping for his second time this season during Brooklyn’s 95-90 loss against the Los Angeles Lakers and was fined $5000.

Evans, however, isn’t taking the fine too seriously.

Evans wrote on Twitter: “Feel like the FEDS looking at the Boi. #iaintlyin!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Warriors coach Mark Jackson also seemed to find the fine amusing.

Jackson said: “Congratulations to Reggie. He’ll go down in history. For $5,000, [to get] a place in history? That’s not bad. That’s not bad at all.”

The flopping fines were initiated to deter players from flopping. Some people criticized the fines saying that they were not severe enough to stop flopping in the NBA. Judging by the reactions on Twitter, they might be right.

Here’s a video of Reggie Evans history making flop.

The fines will increase with each additional flop (a player will be fined $30,000 for their fifth flop) but it may not be enough to stop player’s from faking their way into fouls. What do you think? Will the new flopping penalties have an impact on the game?

Here’s a video of Reggie Evans’ first flopping penalty.