LeAnn Rimes And Joanna Krupa Found A Mean Way To Harass Brandi Glanville

It looks like LeAnn Rimes and Joanna Krupa are still feuding with Brandi Glanville. It was reported yesterday that the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star has unfollowed the country music star on all her social media accounts. There’s a good reason as to why Brandi may have unfollowed LeAnn.

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James McGibney, owner of the website Bullyville, spoke to The Dirty about Glanville’s reason to unfollow Rimes. It has to do with a court document that shows Rimes and Joanna Krupa allegedly hired someone to professionally harass Glanville on social media.

“Brandon King is a convicted felon who was hired by the Supina Law Firm out of New Jersey. We heard through some back channels that the Spina law firm hired Brandon to troll celebrities online. Until I got my hands on that transcript, it was pretty hard to prove that he worked for them.”

“This guy is the worst of the worst,” McGibney continued. “[An] alleged child abuser, alleged woman abuser, alleged convicted felon, etc……why on earth would Leann Rimes hire someone like this?”

According to the court documents, King states that he had a contract with Rimes. He was paid by Spin Law Firm as a “computer expert.” He also claims to have other clients that are not clients of Spina Law Firm, including Rimes and Krupa.

The Dirty also did some investigating and found that the Twitter account @FauxRealityE has been sending harassing tweets towards Glanville. It also shares a bias towards Rimes. The account has been linked to Spina Law Firm in the past.

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Brandi Glanville and LeAnn Rimes appeared to be on good terms in recent months. But it looks like a new rift has come between them. Glanville has unfollowed Rimes on both Twitter and Instagram.

“Something has recently come into Brandi’s possession regarding LeAnn that Brandi is less than happy with,” the source told The Dirty. “It has nothing to do with the cheating scandal from years ago, but it is definitely scandalous nonetheless. For this reason, Brandi has unfollowed LeAnn on all social media.”

On her podcast, Glanville said she wanted to write a song for Rimes, reports Reality Tea. To some, it looked like she was throwing shade at the singer’s music career.

“I want to do a rap, but I also wrote a love song. It’s called ‘Wrong Love.’ It’s more of an Adele-esque song, but I heard that Leann Rimes’s music wasn’t doing well, so I thought maybe she should sing my ‘Wrong Love’ song.”

Her co-host asked if she had LeAnn’s contact information, and she responded, “Yes, I do. She is married to my ex-husband, so I definitely have that information. My kids like the song.”

Meanwhile, Joanna Krupa has filed a lawsuit against Glanville. It all happened during a 2013 Watch What Happens Live episode when Glanville said Krupa had an affair with Yolanda Foster’s ex-husband Mohamed Hadid. She then revealed he said Krupa’s nether regions smelled in a conversation that Lisa Vanderpump allegedly heard. Krupa didn’t appreciate the comment and filed a lawsuit against Glanville, which has been going on ever since.

According to the Daily Mail, Joanna wants “$2 million in punitive damages.” Joanna claims she was put through “emotional distress” by the comment and it damaged her career to the point where it “hurt her ability to get work in the entertainment industry.”

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Due to the lawsuit, Joanna and Brandi have to provide evidence and documents to support their side of the story. That means the former Real Housewives of Miami star has to reveal her gynecology records, tax records, and communication she had with Vanderpump, Hadid, and WWHL‘s Andy Cohen.

Brandi also made fun of Joanna when she appeared on Howard Stern’s radio show, which means he’s also involved in this lawsuit.

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