‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spoilers: Amelia And Owen Have An Explosive Fight Tonight

Grey’s Anatomy spoilers tease that the long-awaited fight between Owen (Kevin McKidd) and Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) will finally happen on Thursday, March 23. Entertainment Weekly reported that the married couple would have an explosive argument about their differences. Can the couple hash out their issues and put their relationship back on track? That’s exactly what Grey’s Anatomy fans are waiting to find out.

Shortly after they got married on Grey’s Anatomy last season, Amela’s past came back to haunt her in a big way. She struggled with the idea of starting a family with her husband after giving birth to a baby without a brain on Private Practice. For Owen, the situation is particularly heartbreaking because his marriage to Cristina (Sandra Oh) failed because they couldn’t come to an agreement about children.


Grey’s Anatomy spoilers suggest that Amelia and Owen’s fight will be difficult for the couple to see eye to eye because they both seem to want something completely different, despite their love for each other.

“It comes up pretty soon,” McKidd explains.

“It gets very real; the rubber hits the road with them both. They both lay out their ultimatums. For the moment, it doesn’t look good.”

“They both have valid points,” Scorsone says. “She had expected to marry Owen and have children. Her past came and knocked on the door and was like, ‘You’re not done with me yet.’ She’s now negotiating with her trauma. She’s trying as hard as she can and as fast as she can to get to a good place, but it’s real — her trauma is real. We’re now wondering if Owen is going to have the patience to help her walk through that, or if he’s on a schedule and he wants to get his stuff done — and by stuff, I mean children — before she’s ready to do that.”


Grey’s Anatomy spoilers reveal that, while viewers shouldn’t expect the fight to resolved right away, eventually they will reconcile. Neither McKidd, nor Scorsone knows what the future holds for their alter egos, but they “have a feeling” it’ll work out in the long run for Owen and Amelia.

“I’ve got a feeling they’ll make it past this, but things are pretty dark in the Owen and Amelia world right now because they both want very, very different things at the moment,” Kevin explained.

“That might change, but at the moment, that’s where they’re standing. The avoiding is going to stop and they’re going to actually say to each other, ‘Stop, look at me, we need to talk, we need to not brush this under the carpet anymore, I need some answers.’ The answers aren’t necessarily the answers that either one of them is looking for.”

According to TV Guide, the silver lining on Owen and Amelia’s falling out is there’s been more screen time with her onscreen sisters— Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Maggie (Kelly McCreary). Grey’s Anatomy spoilers suggest that support from her family seems to be helping Amelia heal and hopefully will lead to her reconciliation with Owen.


“One of the nice things about Owen and Amelia being on the outs is that she’s back in the sister house, so there’s some really lovely stuff with Meredith [Ellen Pompeo] and Maggie [Kelly McCreary] and mutual surgeon trifecta support happening there,” Scorsone stated.

Grey’s Anatomy spoilers tease that not only will Amelia and Owen hash their differences out, but they will be forced to work together on a complicated medical case. The good news is that they will eventually work things out. The bad news is that it won’t be for quite awhile.

Do you want Amelia and Owen to work things out?

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursday nights on ABC.

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