Obama Says Nate Silver Chose His Thanksgiving Turkey. Will Probably Be Most Delicious Bird Ever

Nate Silver Predicts Turkey Pardoning

Nate Silver has chosen President Obama’s thanksgiving day turkey, and, given the guy’s winning streak, it will likely be the most delicious turkey ever eaten.

Okay, so Nate Silver didn’t actually choose the President’s holiday meal, but that was the joke President Obama told during his turkey pardoning celebration.

During the White House traditional Thanksgiving ceremony, Obama revealed:

“Once again Nate Silver nailed it. The guy is amazing.”

Facebook users actually helped President Obama choose which turkey to pardon. The choices this year were between Cobbler and Gobbler.

The entire pardon ceremony is only for show; both turkeys will actually live out their lives at a livestock enclosure at George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens.

If you’re not in on the joke, Nate Silver is the statistician who predicted the Presidential race outcome with amazing accuracy. Republicans had joked that Silver’s polling numbers were ridiculous, but Silver eventually had the last laugh.

Nate Silver has become internet famous since President Obama won a second term in office. The internet meme “Drunk Nate Silver” is funny, relevant, and ridiculous, just the way we like our memes.

Here is President Barack Obama’s full Turkey pardon speech at the White House Rose Garden:

For the record, President Obama pardoned Cobble, although PETA would have preferred if the President skipped the traditional White House ceremony all together.

In the meantime, everyone have a happy and safe Thanksgiving with your non-pardoned turkeys.