Ariana Grande Makes Cute Look Sexy In ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Music Video

Ariana Grande became a cute princess for a new Beauty and the Beast music video, according to USA Today. The “Dangerous Woman” singer transformed from a dangerous woman to a princess in a fluffy dress to shoot a video with John Legend.

While Beauty and the Beast fans were eagerly awaiting the release of the live-action film adaptation of the 1991 classic, which came out on March 17, Ariana Grande and Legend teased the film’s fans with their version of Mrs. Potts’ song.

Legend, who last month showcased his brilliant piano skills at the Academy Awards while performing the Oscar-winning song from La La Land, joined Ariana Grande to give a mesmerizing performance of the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack.

While Ariana Grande and Legend’s performance certainly deserves an Academy Award, many Beauty and the Beast fans have noted that their version of the song is even better than the 90s version performed by Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson for the original animated feature. In the new music video, Ariana Grande is seen in a stunning fluffy princess dress. Letting her vocal cords do all the magic, Grande is accompanying by the piano tunes from Legend.

Performing the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack originally sung by actress Angela Lansbury, Ariana Grande and Legend are edited into the ballroom dance scene from the film, which hit theaters on March 17.

Watch the music video here.

Ariana Grande may be only 23-years-old, but she has proved once again that she’s a grown-up woman – and not only because she once decided to brand herself the “dangerous woman,” according to the Toronto Sun. The “Dangerous Woman” singer brought girl power to Toronto for International Women’s Day.

Ariana Grande visited Toronto’s Air Canada Center to give a memorable performance as part of her Dangerous Woman tour, and her largely female crowd was excited to see the 23-year-old singer perform live music. Ariana Grande kicked off her 95-minute Toronto show with a 10-minute countdown to warm up the overly excited audience. After the “Dangerous Woman” singer finally showed up on the stage, she was met with chaotic and loud cheers.

Dressed in an oversized black bomber jacket, Ariana Grande had her signature ponytail for the show, which the singer started with her heated performance of “Be Alright.”

Many Ariana Grande fans noted that the singer’s crew managed to put on a great show; in addition to her glorious voice, the performance was accompanied by top-notch choreography and a mesmerizing production of lights and projections. For her performance of “One Last Time,” Ariana Grande changed into an all-white ensemble consisting of a jacket, top, and pants. Later in the show, the singer once again changed. This time, she sported a surprisingly sexy gray workout outfit.

Earlier this month, Ariana Grande surpassed Taylor Swift and became the second most followed Instagram person, according to Time magazine.

While Selena Gomez remains the reigning queen of Instagram, Ariana Grande recently gained over 99 million followers and surpassed the “Blank Space” singer’s 98.6 million followers, becoming the second most followed Instagram account. Grande now has over 100 million followers and celebrated by changing her icon. Selena Gomez has been the most followed Instagram account since last March, and she currently boasts a whopping 112.5 million followers on the social media platform.

Ariana Grande can probably attribute her recent Instagram success to her ongoing Dangerous Woman tour. The “Focus” singer has been frequently posting snaps of her tour shows as well as photos of her adorable puppy, Pignoli, lately. Unlike Ariana Grande, Swift hasn’t been a frequent social media poster lately, which may be explained by the rumors suggesting that the “Bad Blood” singer is working on her new album to be released this holiday season.

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