‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Liv Holds The Key To Unlock Secrets In Port Charles

General Hospital may not have seen the last of Olivia Jerome, despite the fact that she has been sent to Darkham mental facility. This place is supposed to be as secure as they come, but will it be enough to keep her locked away for good? Liv seems to hold the key to some well-kept secrets that involve Anna Devane, Griffin Munro, Valentin Cassadine, Nora Buchanan, and maybe even Liesl Obrecht and Faison.

Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital had Anna desperate to get some answers concerning her past with Valentin. He was not about to give her the information she wanted. It is not certain whether he really wants to bury the past or if he is just angry that she doesn’t remember everything and is out to make her suffer for it. It also sounds like these two will have yet another confrontation coming up next week, according to spoilers by Soap Central.

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Will Anna get her answers? [Image by Helga Esteb/Shutterstock]

Accusations will fly as something Valentin says to Anna will throw her for a loop. What will it be? There are so many secrets floating around right now on General Hospital that it is almost hard to keep track of, and it all seems to boil down to a connection with Olivia Jerome.


Viewers were surprised when it was revealed that Nora Buchanan not only worked the custody case for Valentin Cassadine, but she was also paid quite nicely for her expertise lawyer skills in getting Liv sent to Darkham instead of Pentonville. Everyone seemed pleased about that, except for Griffin. Even Anna mentioned to him that it is more secure than Pentonville is. However, he is now plagued with Liv’s words to him at the courthouse. She mentioned that he was nothing like his mother and that now has him rattled.

General Hospital spoilers have been saying for a while now that Griffin is Anna’s son, but there could always be a twist involved. It may not be as cut and dry as fans think it is. However, most want Anna to be Griffin’s mother as they have a great relationship already. Liv also told Anna that she knows a secret about her, so that seems to be where this is headed. Are the writers just teasing us with this? Or will Anna’s child really be alive and well?

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How does Valentin know Liv? [Image by Joe Seer/Shutterstock]

Then there is the surprise that Valentin also has a connection to Ms. Jerome. Nora told him that she did what she set out to do and that is having Liv sent away for good where she would not see the light of day. Even Liv seemed happy that she is not going to prison. Does that mean she has plans to escape Darkham? Liv also made a comment to Nora when she was getting ready to leave Port Charles to go home to her husband in Llanview. She told Nora to say hi to her cowboy for her. How weird is that?


There seems to be many twists and turns concerning this crazy lady since she arrived back in Port Charles. Valentin is also one mysterious dude. He not only seems to have ties to Liv, but also to Faison. As Soap Hub had reported, Anna tried to get Liesl Obrecht ‘s help. She wanted her to contact Faison so that she could get some answers concerning Valentin. Unfortunately, Liesl left her high and dry, but she was seen calling him later on to warn him. So, it looks like Dr. Obrecht knows more than she is letting on.

General Hospital fans are anxious to see how this all plays out. Is Griffin really Anna’s son? Why was Liv called ‘Valentin’s associate’ by Nora Buchanan? These all seem to be tied to Olivia Jerome, so that means that she may not be done in Port Charles just yet. This just left it wide open for her to return to possibly unlock the secrets that she keeps.

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