Lindsay Lohan Back In 2017: Here’s What’s Next

Lindsay Lohan is finally back and she’s opening a brand new chapter in her life in 2017. Lohan, who almost a decade ago everyone thought was a hopeless drug addict with a drinking problem, is clawing her way back into the spotlight.

Lindsay Lohan marked the start of 2017 by announcing her new reality show, The Anti-Social Network, and on Tuesday the Daily Mail exclusively obtained a teaser from the upcoming prank show.

Lindsay Lohan still has a pranker living inside of her even though she turns 31-years-old in summer 2017. The Parent Trap star is back, but she has a warning to all those who are on social media (read: everyone): never leave your phone lying around, as Lohan might take control of your social medial.

In the new teaser to The Anti-Social Network, which is expected to debut later in 2017, Lindsay Lohan comes back with a bang. You may want to always have your phone in your pocket for the rest of 2017, as Lindsay Lohan warns that she’ll be taking over unsuspecting people’s social media accounts to message their friends and update statuses online.

Lindsay Lohan will be taking full control over the show contestants’ phones for 24 hours without their knowledge, while they will be completing embarrassing and weird challenges such as posing naked in front of an art class.

Some people may soon regret that Lindsay Lohan came back to the spotlight in 2017, as the Parent Trap star is very excited about hijacking unwitting people’s social media accounts. But Lohan does have something to offer her victims in return: lavish prizes. In the new trailer, the redhead teases that contestants will have to complete three challenges.

“If you can pull off three challenges, then you’ll win some fabulous prizes. But they won’t know I’m the one pulling the strings.”

The teaser then shows one of Lindsay Lohan’s victims named Charlie, who has to pose naked for an art class, perform awkward stand-up comedy, as well as proclaim his love to his boss. While some of her challenges seem too brutal, Lindsay Lohan says the upcoming reality show has a very important mission.

“I want to dare people to really question how much their social media is worth.”

Lohan wrapped the teaser on a rather mysterious note. The redhead said of her own social media presence, “I am really good,” and winked at the camera.

Lindsay Lohan made headlines earlier in 2017 when she wiped her Instagram account clean. Her manager later explained Lohan’s decision to delete all her posts on the social media platform as a period of change. And it sure looks like Lindsay Lohan has changed a lot in 2017. In the teaser, the Parent Trap star is seen as happy and excited as ever. It might have something to do with the fact that the actress now finally has a unique chance to get back into the TV and film industries.

Last month, Lindsay Lohan raised eyebrows when she posted an Instagram plea to Disney, urging the animation studio to cast her as Ariel for a live-action version of The Little Mermaid, according to Entertainment Weekly.

In addition to being busy working on the Anti-Social Network reality show, Lindsay Lohan has been busy with several philanthropic projects in Syria and Turkey in recent years. Earlier in 2017, the actress admitted in her interview with Good Morning Britain that she finally found a sense of “solace” in her life.

In January 2017, Lindsay Lohan even had a meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, during which they discussed the Syrian refugee crisis.

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