Javi Marroquin Not Happy With Gossip: Should He Leave ‘Teen Mom 2’?

Javi Marroquin has been on Teen Mom 2 for years, as he decided to marry Kailyn Lowry after a few years of dating. He seemed like a refreshing change for Lowry after a few low-key relationships, including her relationship with Jo Rivera. However, over the past couple of years, Marroquin has been sharing his private life with the world on Teen Mom 2, especially since Kailyn Lowry decided to file for divorce. Javi has been reliving some drama this week, as his relationship with Kailyn hit a brand new low.

According to a new tweet, Javi Marroquin is now revealing that he’s tired of waking up after an episode of Teen Mom 2 and reading stories about himself. Of course, Javi and Kailyn are a hot topic these days, because secrets are coming out about their marriage and divorce. Marroquin recently revealed that Lowry had been sleeping with another man while he was serving overseas in the Air Force, which he saw as the ultimate betrayal.

“Scary whenever I close my eyes at night. Waking up to public statements about my private life,” Javi Marroquin wrote on Twitter after this week’s Teen Mom 2 episode.

It is possible that Javi is tired of hearing people’s opinions about his divorce and his love life, especially since people have plenty of thoughts about the cheating, the lying and the drama on Teen Mom 2. However, these two have been putting out plenty of secrets and comments on social media, and they have both deleted many tweets and Facebook posts. They are clearly upset about how things have unfolded and despite wanting a cordial relationship, things have been tough.

“Well you and Kail shouldnt put so much on display on twitter and quit signing up to do the show,” one person replied to Javi Marroquin, hinting that he shouldn’t complain about his life being on television because he’s getting paid a lot of money to share his life on the show.

There have been plenty of rumors about the Teen Mom stars making thousands of dollars for each season. Adam Lind has hinted that they get paid upwards of $250,000 per season, which is clearly a lot of money. Some people will gladly put their private lives on the line for such a big paycheck, especially when they have children to care for. And fans can see right through this.

“LOL Right. Bet he don’t complain when he is cashing those MTV checks,” another person chimed in, hinting that Marroquin isn’t planning on leaving Teen Mom 2 as long as MTV continues to pay him, to which the first follower wrote back, “Exactly lol they constantly complain but yet keep signing on season after season. lmao facts! Y’all never see me complaining about filming. I know it’s a blessing.”

Of course, Javi Marroquin may not be too happy about the entire pregnancy thing that has unfolded recently. Marroquin learned that Kailyn Lowry is expecting her third child with a third man. Many expected that their marriage ended because he wanted more children and Lowry was done having kids for now. So it is surprising that she’s now pregnant again, and one can imagine that Marroquin may have been hurt by her decision to move on so fast. He hasn’t really said anything about the pregnancy news, but he could be sharing his thoughts in a book if he gets a book deal.

What do you think of Javi Marroquin’s complaints about the media? Do you think he should leave Teen Mom 2 if he’s tired of being in the spotlight?

[Featured Image by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for Star Magazine]