Is Jenelle Evans Single And Is Her Ex Courtland Rogers To Blame?

Rumors swirled over the weekend that Jenelle Evans and current beau David Eason have broken up despite their recent engagement. Given Jenelle’s history of serial dating and short-lived relationships and marriages, it wouldn’t be completely out of the realm of possibility to speculate that the new parents had, indeed, gone their separate ways.

The rumors started as many modern speculations do; via Facebook. Jenelle Evans, whose profile picture once featured David, was abruptly changed to a dreamy photo of her with her newborn baby girl, Ensley. While that alone shouldn’t cause alarm, after all, she is a proud mama to a gorgeous newborn baby girl, she also changed the cover photo of her profile. Previously the cover photo featured a picture of Marissa, David’s daughter from a previous relationship, but she was excluded from the new photo, which now only featured Jenelle’s own children.

David added fuel to the rumors by deleting his Facebook profile altogether, a move often done after a painful break-up.

Man and pregnant woman on red carpet
David Eason and Jenelle Evans attend the 2016 MTV VMAs [Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]

During this time, however, Jenelle’s Facebook relationship status never wavered from engaged, causing some to believe that the break-up was temporary, or that it was a result of a typical Jenelle-style explosive argument with her paramour.

Although Jenelle Evans hasn’t issued a comment on the state of her relationship, it is assumed she and David Eason are back together as her profile picture is now that of the two of them with an animal Snapchat filter over their faces. Marissa, however, has not been added back to the family cover photo and David’s profile has still not resurfaced.

Jenelle Evans has also not changed her official “business” page from the photo of the two of them, nor has she changed her Twitter photo. With Jenelle’s history of brash social media choices, if the two had split, it would make sense that all of her social media presence would have been changed in a rampage.

However, this doesn’t rule out that the pair may have had a huge argument that caused them to make hasty changes to their social media. Those who have followed Jenelle Evans over the years know that she is no stranger to verbal and even physical arguments that often cause police to be called and one party having to show bruises or scratches. In fact, Jenelle was taken to court last year due to a physical altercation with former partner Nathan Griffith’s now ex-girlfriend.

But what could have sparked such an intense fight between the two that it caused split speculations?

Although no one knows for certain, it could be because Jenelle’s ex-husband Courtland Rogers was just released from prison on March 18, where he was serving time for heroin possession and habitual felonies. Rogers has been incarcerated for the entirety of Jenelle Evans’ and David Eason’s relationship, meaning he wasn’t a threat to the pair’s seeming domestic bliss.

Couple together on red carpet
David Eason and Jenelle Evans together on red carpet at MTV VMAs [Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]

But with Jenelle’s history of rekindling relationships with past lovers, particularly with her on-again-of-again-ex Kieffer Delp. As Courtland Rogers was seen posting numerous selfies and tweeting immediately after his release, it is possible that he was ready to dive back into his old life by contacting Jenelle Evans and fishing around to see if she was interested in starting things back up again.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason have been tight-lipped about the rumors of their split, or that there may be trouble in paradise so we may never know exactly what went on that caused the two to act out publicly.

If it was more than just a hiccup, however, it will definitely be addressed on an upcoming episode of Teen Mom 2, which will put all of the rumors and speculations to bed.

[Featured Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]