‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl Danielle Bregoli Gets Beat Up By Her Mom In Viral Video

The “cash me outside” girl, Danielle Bregoli, rose to infamy after a couple of controversial appearances on Dr. Phil. Now, she’s the star of a shocking video that recently leaked that features Bregoli’s mother putting her hands all over the 13-year-old girl. Cell phone footage of Danielle Bregoli’s mom, Barbara, angrily reprimanding her daughter went viral on Tuesday. Now, many people are concerned about the welfare of Bregoli, who, despite her antics, is still very much a child.

The video in question was posted to World Star Hip Hop on Tuesday and can be viewed here. Apparently, what happened in the shocking clip is what happened after Danielle’s mother, Barbara Ann Peskowitz, kicked one of her troubled daughter’s 17-year-old friends out of the house. In less than 24 hours, the shocking video has been viewed nearly 1.5 million times.

It’s unclear who was holding the cell phone that recorded Danielle Bregoli’s mom straddling her 13-year-old daughter as they fought on the tile floor of their hallway. Barbara can be seen grabbing Danielle by the hair and forcing her to the ground and then climbing on top of her to keep her down during the scuffle. You can hear a female voice say “Oh my God!” and then laugh as she watched the mother and daughter tussle on the ground.

Hollywood Life reports that police were called to Danielle Bregoli’s house again earlier this month when the “Cash Me Outside” girl and her mom got into another fight. According to the report, Barbara Ann was giving Danielle’s friend a hard time as she was loading her stuff up and leaving the home. That’s when Danielle got upset with her mom and started calling her names and cursing at her.

The fight between “Cash Me Outside” girl Danielle Bregoli and her mom, Barbara Ann, got so intense that police were called to the house yet again. Apparently, both Danielle and her mom got into it while the police were there and ended up screaming at each other right in front of them. Despite all that, no one was taken to jail or removed from the home that night.

Fast forward to this newest fight between Danielle and her mom caught on viral video. In it, a black-shorts-and-sports-bra-wearing Barbara is straddling Danielle after knocking her to the ground. Elite Daily reports that the video is concerning because Barbara can be heard yelling profanity at the 13-year-old. She was heard saying “You’re so f**king tough?” and calling her names like “b***h” during the short video.

They also reported on separate footage of “Cash Me Outside” girl Danielle Bregoli and her mother in a fight. It looks like the footage came from a different cell phone and looks much blurrier than the clip released on World Star Hip Hop on Tuesday.

In the other video, Barbara is heard on recording talking to Danielle.

She says, “Give it to me, b***h!”

It looks like she’s trying to take a cell phone from Danielle Bregoli but it’s not exactly clear what is going on in the footage. While Barbara is still yelling at Danielle, the girl famous for yelling “Cash Me Outside” on Dr. Phil, exits the frame and can no longer be seen on the recording. Just after that, someone can be heard yelling, “Stop it!”


Considering how volatile the “Cash Me Outside” girl Danielle Bregoli’s relationship with her mother is, should she be removed from that home in an attempt to get her help? Sound off about the new viral video of Danielle Bregoli and her mother Barbara Ann Peskowitz fighting with each other in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Danielle Bregoli/Instagram]