Did Jenelle Evans Accidentally Leak Her Book’s Title?

Jenelle Evans of the successful Teen Mom 2 franchise is no stranger to controversy, and recently, it was suggested that the mother of three, who is currently penning a tell-all memoir, accidentally leaked the title of her book to the public via Snapchat.

A day after this was discovered, the star has revealed the title and the cover, which may be in response to the leak. It is not known if the book’s pre-release was pushed forward because of her accidental slip or if it was already planned for the book to go on pre-order today.

The book, which is supposed to win fans over to the star’s side of the story, is due for a release in summer 2017. Jenelle Evans promises that the book will give viewers an insight into her tumultuous relationship with her mother, Barb, as well as giving them an inside look into her life before she hit stardom with Teen Mom 2.

But if you follow Jenelle Evans on Snapchat, you may have been treated to the title of her book long before it was due to be released, and that may have spurred her to release the title to the public today.

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Evans sent a snap to fans with an Apple computer next to a coffee cup at Starbucks. She graced with the caption “Starbucks. Work. Business.” However, a few people found that by enhancing the browser tabs she had open on her laptop, they could get a closer look at what exactly Jenelle Evans was working on.

Enhancing the photo revealed that one of Jenelle Evans’ tabs was “Read Between the Lines – Cover Revision for Approval,” and Jenelle’s twitter has confirmed that the long-anticipated tell-all will definitely be called Read Between the Lines.

Although this story hasn’t been picked up much by media outlets, Teen Mom 2 vlogger Grace of The Grace Report speculated that Jenelle would likely change the name of her book before its release. Accusing the star of often gaslighting people, The Grace Report said that Jenelle Evans would likely pretend that the title was never actually accidentally revealed to the public.

However, it may be more likely that the pre-order date was pushed forward in order to cover up Jenelle’s mistake.

The Grace Report also cited several of Jenelle’s failed projects, including her blog, Jenelle Lauren Evans, which suffered from a failure to launch. However, it does appear that Jenelle has already entered a legal contract to produce the book, so it is more than likely that her book will hit the shelves this summer as anticipated, even though the star is well-known for her flaky behavior.

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Jenelle Evans arrives at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards [Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]

The fact that the book is now available for pre-order shows that the star must have already completed a good portion of the book and won’t be able to back out even if she had severe second thoughts.

Jenelle Evans promises that the book will give viewers insight into her troubled childhood, as she states that she wasn’t raised in a very happy home. She hinted at this on the Teen Mom 2 season finale in which she sobbed to her boyfriend that her mother cared about her siblings more than she cared about Jenelle and often wouldn’t take the time to play board games like Yahtzee with her.

In fact, Jenelle said, that her mom often got tired after a few minutes of play time with Jenelle as a child and made a swift exit.

The book will contain excerpts of Jenelle’s diary as a child, as well as never before heard stories about both her time as a teen mom and growing up as one of several of Barb’s children in North Carolina.

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