Butterball Turkey Hotline Offers Solutions For Thanksgiving Troubles

Butterball Turkey Talk Line

The Butterball Turkey hotline will be staffed by 57 culinary experts in order to help those who are experiencing some difficulties in the kitchen this Thanksgiving, according to ABC News.

Nicole Johnson said the Butterball Turkey Talk Line is designed to help those individuals who are having a bit of trouble making things click in the kitchen this year. If you’re having a problem you can’t immediately solve on your own, then pick up the phone and give them a shout.

“We’re here to counsel people through what we call ‘turkey trauma,’ ” Johnson said.

KETK NBC explains that the people on the other end of the line aren’t your average run-of-the-mill food experts. These individuals have been trained at the Butterball University, which means their advice is geared towards serious turkey-related mayhem.

Folks who don’t have the best of luck with their own holiday dishes will be happy to know that help can be found on Thanksgiving Day through Christmas Eve. Unfortunately, you’ll be on your own should you screw something up on Christmas Day.

Not surprisingly, Johnson said she’s encountered her fair share of unusual situations over the past 11 years. One example found a husband attempting to follow the instructions left by his wife in a most unusual fashion.

“On that list was, ‘Bathe the twins and thaw the turkey,’ ” she said. “He decided he was going to kill two birds with one stone and throw the twins and the turkey in the tub at the same time.”

Although the experts at the Butterball Turkey Talk Line field their fair share of zany calls, the are a number of questions that seem to pop up over and over again. Among the many inquiries these highly-trained professionals receive, “How long will it take to thaw my turkey?” is among the most popular.

If you find that you’re up to your neck in all sorts of turkey troubles this Thanksgiving, be sure to give the Butterball Turkey hotline a call. Problems can be solved by calling 1-800-BUTTERBALL weekdays between 10 am. to 7 pm CST.