Selena Gomez Opens Up Her House For ‘Vogue’s’ 73 Questions

Selena Gomez, 24, showed off her house yesterday while answering Vogue‘s famous “73 Questions,” a segment of the the Internet in which questions which occur in rapid fire succession as the star wanders around their digs baring their soul.

As Selena Gomez answered Vogue‘s questions, she gave her audience a quick inside tour of her home, which is actually a lot more modest than one would expect from a superstar of her caliber. Instead of living in a lavish mansion, Selena takes up residence in a one bedroom home perfect for a girl living the single life.

Her neat and tidy kitchen reveals stainless steel appliances and hardware, with magnets on the fridge that spell out “Selena.”

Woman on stage
Selena Gomez rocks out during LA concert July 2016 [Image by Rich Fury/Invision/AP]

The house itself brings in a lot of light, thanks to the large floor to ceiling windows that cover what appears to be her office and the living room itself.

Her “lawn” offers a low maintenance Tex-Mex style, filled with cacti and other desert plants that must remind her of her home in Texas. But, Selena Gomez said that one thing she missed most about Texas wasn’t the landscape, but actually the people she has left behind there.

Selena’s bedroom wasn’t the girlie chamber one might expect. Instead, she’s covered the wall above her bed with either a Jackson Pollack or Jackson Pollack inspired painting, which sits above an orange bedspread. The room itself gives off a modern and desert-inspired vibe, one that many fans might be surprised to see Selena Gomez embrace.

Completing Selena Gomez’s modest house is a deck that serves as a backyard. It is obvious from Vogue‘s interview that the house is nestled somewhere in the hills, meaning Selena is probably treated to an amazing view of the city every night.

But instead of a lavish pool or extensive grounds, Selena Gomez simply reveals a hot tub that adds a little something extra to her backyard. This is perfect for a young, single, woman who wants to keep her digs relatively easily maintained and low key.

The star embarked on the tour of her digs as she opened up to the magazine wearing a red Victor Gelmaud cut-out jumper. According to the Daily Mail, Selena Gomez owns several of the Haitian designers sweaters and has been seen wearing one in public previously.

So what kind of questions did Vogue ask Selena as she showed off her humble-yet-chic desert oasis?

During the rapid-fire interview, they touched on a variety of topics, and Selena let it be known that she is incredibly grateful for her fans. She expressed this sentiment twice, once after being shown a clip of a fan covering on of her songs and again when being asked to let the audience in on her favorite word.

Selena also thanked all of her followers on Instagram, telling them that she gets to do what she loves every single day because of them and their support.

Selena Gomez expressed a closeness with her family, stating that when she goes back to Texas, she loves to dig into her Nana’s food. She also discussed how much she loves and admires her mother, stating that her favorite thing about her is her laugh.


When asked to describe herself in three words, Selena stated that she was, “loyal, kind and giving.”

Aside from the deeper questions, she was also asked a few light-hearted ones to help her fans get to know her better. She stated that people might be surprised to find that she is a huge Patsy Kline fan and that the dessert she can’t live without is a big slice of chocolate cake.

It certainly seems like Selena is certainly doing well these days.

[Featured Image by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP Photo]