Pippa Middleton: Six Things To Know About Kate Middleton’s Sister’s Wedding

Pippa Middleton at an event.

Pippa Middleton’s wedding is one of the most-awaited events of this year. British society’s rich and famous are expected to attend it and of course, Pippa Middleton’s sister, Kate Middleton, and her husband, Prince William, will also be there. Lately, most of the news related to the big day has been about who is going to steal the bride’s limelight.

There are speculations that Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton would outshine Pippa Middleton on her own wedding day. It may happen because of Kate Middleton’s status as Duchess of Cambridge, and Meghan Markle being Prince Harry’s girlfriend. It is no secret that the royal family members are the prime fascination of the British media, but Pippa Middleton is a celebrity in her own right. She would not let anyone upstage her on her wedding day.

Here are some of the details of Pippa Middleton’s wedding.


(L-R) Michael Middleton, James Matthews, James Middleton, Pippa Middleton and Carole Middleton arrive to attend the service at St Mark's Church on Christmas Day.

Pippa Middleton is getting married to James Matthews. He manages a hedge fund and is the chief executive of Eden Rock Capital Management Group, which he founded a decade ago. James Matthews attended the same school as Prince Harry and Prince William — the all-boys boarding school Eton College, Windsor. Both he and Pippa Middleton love sports.

Wedding Date

James Matthews and Pippa Middleton are getting married on May 20 at the St. Mark’s Englefield, Berkshire. Us Weekly reported that the wedding party would be held in a “luxury marquee in the garden,” adding that they would be using the entire grounds of their home as well.

Wedding Dress

There is still no confirmed news on who would design Pippa Middleton’s wedding dress. Earlier, there were rumors that Kate Middleton’s little sister would walk down the aisle in Giles Deacon’s creation. In November, he was reportedly spotted visiting Pippa Middleton’s house with garment bags, sparking off rumors that he would be designing the wedding dress. Last month, the fashion designer refused to confirm that, saying that they were just rumors, according to Hello! Fashion.

I can never really comment on rumors. Until things are confirmed it’s just rumors.

Kate Middleton To Be Nanny

Kate Middleton and Prince William in France.

Kate Middleton has reportedly offered to be the nanny. She will keep a watch on not only Prince George and Princess Charlotte but also other children on the wedding day. The Sun reported, quoting a friend, that the Duchess of Cambridge did not want to overshadow her sister, so she was thinking of babysitting all the children.

“Kate wants her sister to be in the spotlight so is taking a step back. Pippa has invited everyone’s children to her wedding but Kate is going to babysit all the little ones on the big day, including her own two. No one is taking their nannies as Kate has offered. She wants the whole day to be all about Pippa and as smooth as possible.”

Will Prince Harry Bring Meghan Markle As His Plus One?


Earlier reports suggested that Prince Harry had secured a wedding invitation for the Suits actress as well. However, the Daily Mail recently reported that Pippa Middleton was thinking of “no ring, no bring” rule. This means guests can only bring in their partners if they are either engaged or married. Prince Harry has yet to put a ring on Meghan Markle’s finger, although rumors are swirling that he intends to propose to her soon.

Princess Charlotte as Flower Girl and Prince George as Page Boy

Us Weekly, quoting a source, reported that Princess Charlotte was going to be one of the flower girls, while Prince George was likely to make his appearance as a page boy. Kate Middleton, however, thinks that her children are too young to become flower girl and page boy, according to the Sun.

“They’re even thinking of not having George as a page boy or Charlotte as a flower girl as Kate feels they’re too young.”

Pippa Middleton got engaged to James Matthews on July 17, 2016.

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