Lindsay Lohan Received A Whopping $250K From Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen gave Lindsay Lohan $250,000 dollars and put silence to the rumors that said he had given her $100,000. The star revealed to Kyle and Jackie O on KIIS 1065 that after being offered half a million dollars for the film Scary Movie 5 he decided to offer half of his pay to Lindsay. He figured that his scene would be more, “epic” if Lindsay was to take part in it.

According to Charlie, he has nothing but love for the star despite her many troubles. When it came to her partying Charlie said that he could only applaud her. He added that he was out drunk by Lindsay but he’s not sure if it was him who out drunk her one night when they were together.

Why Charlie Sheen gave Lindsay-Lohan $250k
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Charlie also revealed that the troubled star was erratic on his show, Anger Management when she guest starred on it. He claimed that he named a garbage can after Lindsay Lohan. She apparently threw up right before a scene she was to do with him into the can after a wild night out.

They apparently spent the night together after he invited her over. The two watched an episode of together and they drunk the night away. He then revealed that she tucked him into bed and kissed on the cheek. According to the 51-year-old Lindsay then told him,

“Sleep well young prince.”

Lindsay Is Not A Muslim!

Lindsay Lohan’s father revealed that his daughter was not a Muslim after much speculation arose due to her current social media. Lindsay’s father had made a comment on his social media, which led a lot of people to make comments about what he had said. He then apologized and revealed that his daughter was not a Muslim despite what the media was purporting. He exclaimed that he was sorry if he offended anyone but he wanted to state that the press was wrong because his daughter was raised a catholic and is a Christian.

Lindsay first led her fans to believe that she had converted to Islam in January after she redid her Instagram. She deleted all her pictures on her social media account and changed her bio information to an Arabic greeting, “Alaikum Salam,” which means and peace be unto you. The controversial actress stirred the pot when she revealed that she had been stopped at London’s Heathrow airport and had felt racially profiled. According to her, she was asked to remove her headscarf and this added to the rumors that she might have just converted. This pleased some of her Muslim fans that seemed proud of the star for converting.

This time the actress isn’t really sparking controversy with regards to her ex or with partying which could mean that she is making some progress in her life.

She has appeared on different occasions wearing a scarf and has recently revealed that she releasing a new fashion line.

The actress who is attempting to be a philanthropist and an activist has had her hand in fashion several times before. The reason some of her fashion lines failed were due to her hardcore partying and wild behavior. Her legal issues added to the failure of her first line, 6126.

Lindsay took advantage of a moment she had when she spoke with a wild mixed origin accent. The Parent Trap actress, then released a line of T-shirts with the slogan, I only speak Lilohan.

Lindsay Moves Forward

Aside from her new fashion line, the actress is set to appear on a new show called, The Anti-Social Network. Despite her many issues, the Mean Girls actress is progressing her life by doing more positive things with her life. She is perhaps putting her wild ways behind her. She claimed that she loves social media and said that she was social media. The show is apparently quite similar to Ashton Kutcher’s show Punk’d. The show shall follow Lindsay Logan as she takes over contestants social media accounts for 24 hours and they would be awarded a prize after completing a variety of challenges.

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