Was Jenelle Evans Just Proven Right? ‘Teen Mom’ Drama Explodes!

Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans has been slamming MTV and her own mother, Barbara Evans, for a long time. She always talked about how her mother was treating her badly and how the producers always sided against her. For a long time, Teen Mom fans assumed that Jenelle was being dramatic and being disrespectful to everyone around her. And Evans had been slamming producers, including trying to start her own show on YouTube because she felt that producers were always trying to show her in the wrong light.

According to a new tweet, Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans is now revealing that she’s thankful that people are now starting to see a different side to everything that’s been going on. During the Teen Mom season finale, the girls all went to Los Angeles to film the reunion special and during this trip, she decided to take her son Jace from the set. Her mother was so furious she wanted to press charges against David, and accuse him of kidnapping.

“David is a POS biting the hand that feeds all of you guys by screaming at producers and acting like he was gonna hit some1,” one person wrote to Jenelle Evans after watching last night’s Teen Mom finale, where he almost got into a physical fight with producers over them wanting to film Barbara and Nathan when Jenelle had specifically asked them not to.

“David was fed up with everyone making me cry all day long and he knew I felt like shit. I don’t blame him. He just loves me is all,” Evans replied, sharing that he was just fed up with the way everyone was treating her and he wanted the bad treatment to stop, to which another person added, “Your mom is so wrong!! She wasn’t even watching him. You choose to leave, David didn’t force you that was clear as day.”

For years, Jenelle Evans has been saying that her mother only wants Jace for herself and has no plans of giving up custody. And it sounds like Barbara may be keeping Jace to herself because she knows that she will get paid by MTV if she continues to have Jace. And it sounds like the producers really like this storyline, as they kept her around for a long time and documented everything that happened. Plus, last year Barbara got her own spin-off show. Evans predicts that her mother just loves the spotlight and her MTV paycheck.

“Sooo none of the 500 producers and camera ppl around could text ur mom like u told them to?! #ShadyAF,” one person pointed out, hinting that the MTV producers were clearly siding with Nathan and Barbara for the sake of ratings, to which Jenelle Evans pointed out, “They didn’t mention how I texted her of course… didn’t show the scene where they FILMED me texting her that I was leaving. Still have it.”

It sounds like people were starting to see what had been going on behind the scenes and Jenelle started to get support. This is an interesting turn of events, as she’s often the bad mother on the show. As it turns out, everything Jenelle has been saying may be true.

“All the support I’m receiving right now is super overwhelming! Thanks everyone for reaching out! #TeenMom2,” Evans later added on Twitter after people had watched the season finale, writing later in her own defense, “Tonight’s episode… I was extremely emotional at the reunion and I think the most of it was because I was pregnant but concerned for my son.”

What do you think of Jenelle Evans’ tweets? Are you surprised that the producers sided with Barbara and didn’t respect Evans’ wishes?

[Featured Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]