‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ Patch Addresses Character Interactions, Multiplayer

Players can now create their custom Pathfinder and begin their journey in a new galaxy in Mass Effect: Andromeda. The BioWare RPG is now available to everyone on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One after a brief early access period in the Origin Access program. Both the single player narrative and co-operative multiplayer are ready for players right now, but a day one patch is required before playing.

Patch 1.04 and an early access patch are accessible today alongside the launch of Mass Effect: Andromeda. Aside from general performance improvements, players can expect a handful of bug fixes and other solutions. In the single player campaign, several issues like objectives not appearing correctly, small quest problems, and even quest balancing are part of the patch.

Mass Effect: Andromeda day one patch fixes single player quests, multiplayer audio
The day one patch addresses many issues in both single player and multiplayer [Image by BioWare]

In the multiplayer, an audio bug that made players hear a teammate’s audio instead of their own is rectified. Other fixes to the multiplayer in Mass Effect: Andromeda include the addition of more tutorials, improved character portraits, and a few balance changes. All of these changes and more are listed on the BioWare website, and the patch is ready to download on all platforms.

“Patch 1.04 and the Early Access Patch introduce a number of general performance improvements and bug fixes. Patch 1.04 corrects an issue causing players to experience a black screen on launch, as well as a problem with hearing character audio in multiplayer.”

The day one patch for the RPG also makes “improvements to many cinematics, conversations, and other character interactions.” With character animations in Mass Effect: Andromeda being a source of contention for some, it appears that the day one patch will address some of the problematic single player visuals even if animations are not addressed in this first patch. Other fixes in the single player include improved performance after Tempest transitions, better quest rewards, improved quest tracking, and more. According to VG24/7, the patch is about two gigabytes on PlayStation 4 and less than 800 megabytes on Xbox One.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is available now in North America and will be available on March 23 in Europe. The BioWare RPG features a robust single player narrative featuring a customizable Ryder, the Pathfinder. With six companions and their ship, the Tempest, the protagonist will encounter numerous new and existing alien species on their journey through the Andromeda galaxy.

Mass Effect: Andromeda day one patch on PC, PS4, Xbox One
The Mass Effect: Andromeda multiplayer continues to utilize loot packs [Image by BioWare]

The latest entry in the Mass Effect franchise also features a focus on exploration. A vehicle called the Nomad is perfect for the Pathfinder and squad members to traverse over 100 planets. In addition to picking skills and passives for the Pathfinder and selecting improvements for companions, the Nomad can also be improved with new functionality and upgrades.

In addition to the single player, Mass Effect: Andromeda also features a familiar multiplayer option. As the Inquisitr reported, over 25 characters are available in the multiplayer mode right now. Veterans of the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer should feel comfortable with the latest Mass Effect multiplayer. Each character has a set of powers that can be upgraded as the character levels, and players can use whatever weapon they see fit with any of the multiplayer’s characters.

The multiplayer does differ in a few major ways, though. Each character in the multiplayer is designated as a certain archetype for the purposes of their bonus statistic. For instance, many characters boost maximum health and when players complete matches with these characters, the maximum health bonus stat is leveled. Once the stat reaches a new level, all characters, regardless of their type, receive bonus health permanently.

The new RPG from BioWare and its day one patch are available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Mass Effect: Andromeda is out now in North America with a March 23 release in sight for Europe.

[Featured Image by BioWare]