Ten Adult Coloring Pictures For People Who Love April The Giraffe

Millions worldwide are watching April the giraffe on live cam and have been struck with giraffe fever waiting for the birth of her calf. As many viewers can attest, there has been a great deal of excitement regarding the birth, but the wait has been a bit longer than anticipated. Because it can be stressful waiting for April to give birth, we’ve found 10 adult coloring pictures that are perfect for people who love April the giraffe, Oliver “Ollie,” and are excited to witness the birth of her calf. According to a report by CNN, adult coloring books provide health benefits to those who use them. Adult coloring is a form of art therapy and can be beneficial for mental health. For those who are caught up in the “April the giraffe” craze, there’s no better way to celebrate the majestic splendor and beauty of the giraffe than with these coloring pictures.

The first giraffe picture is reminiscent of April and her long eyelashes. April loves to stare into the giraffe cam and sometimes it appears she’s looking directly at the viewer. This coloring picture is in zen-style which means it promotes mindfulness while instilling a sense of relaxation. The designs are repetitive but large enough that children can color them too.

Zentangle giraffe head coloring picture
Anti-stress adult coloring picture of giraffe head. [Image by hanna kutsybala/Shutterstock]

Those who watch April on the live giraffe cam regularly know that she has many delicate and beautiful patterns. She also has a heart or two. This coloring page is a beautiful tribute to April as you can see the heart pattern on the middle of her neck. This giraffe coloring picture is ideal for adults and the leaf frame gives it a regal feel.

A picture of a giraffe in a frame is perfect for adult coloring.
A beautifully decorated coloring picture featuring a giraffe's head in a frame. [Image by Panki/Shutterstock]

Fans of April and Oliver “Ollie” will adore this coloring picture. Two giraffes meet in the middle and gaze into each other’s eyes. Their poses create a heart shape and it’s a wonderful symbol of the relationship April and Ollie have. While the calf will go to another park or zoo with a conservation-based breeding program, April and Ollie will live out their lives at the Animal Adventure Park. This coloring picture is a beautiful way to memorialize the love that April and Oliver share.

Two giraffes in love are staring in each other's eyes.
Two decorative giraffes gaze into each other's eyes. They are reminiscent of April and Ollie. [Image by Big Boy/Shutterstock]

If you’ve ever watched April the giraffe tilt her head and gaze into the webcam, often while eating carrots, then you’ll appreciate the beauty of this coloring picture. The giraffe’s head is tilted and is prominently featured on a background of tropical fruits, flowers, and other plants. The circles and straight lines make this a relaxing picture to color and is a great addition to your giraffe coloring pages.

A zentangle giraffe is surrounded by flowers and grasses.
This beautiful giraffe is designed in zentangle and waiting to be colored. [Image by ImHope/Shutterstock]

The following picture is a perfect example of adult coloring as young children might have a difficult time coloring the small details. It’s a beautiful portrait of a giraffe’s head that appears as though the giraffe has been decorated in flowers. This coloring picture is also zen art and promotes calmness and a sense of peace.

Ethnic giraffe head ready for coloring.
A decorative illustrated drawing of a giraffe head that is perfect for adult coloring. [Image by Manon_Labe/Shutterstock]

The previous coloring pictures featured giraffe’s heads in a portrait layout. This picture is of an entire giraffe’s body and the details are intricate. This picture is perfect for vivid, bright multi colors or soft, delicate pastels.

A decorative coloring picture of a giraffe in zentangle style.
A full-size adult coloring page featuring a giraffe that is similar to April. [Image by Naulicreative/Shutterstcok]

As April the giraffe is waiting for her calf to be born, this coloring picture is a perfect tribute. Adults and children alike can color this picture that includes two butterflies, the mother giraffe and a baby calf.

A coloring page for adults and children of a giraffe mother and her calf
In this coloring page, a giraffe calf looks at a butterfly while standing near her mother [Image by Haso/Shutterstock]

The following giraffe coloring page is suitable for both children and adults. Though some of the details are small, children can still color them easily. This picture is a great choice for adults who want to relax, refresh, and unwind after a stressful day.

A giraffe head coloring picture with intricate detail.

This coloring page is as decorative as it is beautiful. It features minute details that make it suitable for adult coloring. Children might find it difficult to color, but for those who have the patience, the finished picture is a beautiful giraffe portrait

Relax and unwind coloring this zen doodle giraffe portrait.
Relax and destress with this spiritually calming adult coloring picture of a giraffe head. [Image by Evgeniya Anfimova/Shutterstock]

This final picture is in boho-style and you’ll see that the giraffe has a kind and expressive eye. Many people remark that April has beautiful, kind eyes. This coloring page is a great representation of April’s affectionate love that she expresses.

Relax by coloring this boho style giraffe portrait.
Relax and unwind with this boho-style coloring picture of a giraffe. [Image by AnutaBerg/Shutterstock]

Are you a fan of April the giraffe? Do you like adult coloring? Share your comments below.

[Featured Image by Iri.art/Shutterstock]