‘The Walking Dead’: Glenn And Maggie’s Woodbury Survival Chances [Video]

Glenn and Maggie's Woodbury survival chances

Last week on AMC’s The Walking Dead, Glenn and Maggie got scooped up and spirited away to Woodbury by Merle Dixon (Captain … Bayonet?) and if you watched the preview for next week’s episode, you get the feeling that the show’s only surviving couple are in for a rough couple of episodes. But will they survive?

With cast and crew threatening “big changes” in the final handful of episodes before the mid-season finale, new cast-members, and a giant question mark painted over every single character’s expiration date, one wonders if Glenn, Maggie, or both will bite it in the weeks to come.

Steven Yeun and Lauren Cohan talked with The Hollywood Reporter a bit about their chances of surviving Woodbury, the mid-season finale, and season three as a whole.

“When you have things to live for, those are the things that can be directly used against you to test you,” Yeun said.

“The bond that Maggie and Glenn have becomes a weakness for them and they’re played against each other,” Cohan adds. “We’ve seen that the bond gives them reason to live but it’s also now going to challenge them and in some ways, make them weaker.”

Well that’s … obvious. Still, last week’s The Walking Dead provided some much-needed momentum to season three by shuffling some characters around and altering the status quo. The final scene, for instance, when Michonne finally arrives at the prison and joins a befuddles Rick’s survivor group hit all the right notes, and has us excited for next week’s episode.

Oh right, next week’s episode. Here’s a sneak peek at “When the Dead Come Knocking.” Do you think that Glenn and Maggie stand any chance of surviving Woodbury?