WWE News: Vince McMahon Involved In Car Accident Near WWE Headquarters

There is definitely a lot on the mind of Vince McMahon these days, which isn’t surprising with WrestleMania 33 taking place in Orlando in less than two weeks. Still, there is everyday life to deal with, and problems happen in the lives of everyone. On Tuesday afternoon, Vince McMahon was driving his Bentley not far from WWE headquarters in Connecticut and ended up getting into a pretty serious car accident.

TMZ Sports was one of the first to report of the accident, with the outlet reporting that the accident occurred less than a mile from WWE’s main offices in Stamford, Connecticut.

It appears that McMahon’s Bentley ended up getting pretty torn up in the crash, and the WWE boss can even be seen walking around at the scene of the accident.

Cageside Seats is reporting that multiple law enforcement officers have confirmed that Vince McMahon was the one driving his Bentley. No injuries have been reported from any of the vehicles involved in the accident, and all involved appeared to be “okay” after it happened.

Both McMahon’s Bentley and the other driver’s Toyota appeared to have sustained a great deal of damage as a result of the accident. Judging from the pictures, it is quite amazing that no one was hurt, but it’s also a very good thing.

As soon as word of the car accident started making the rounds on social media, everyone waited to see if Vince McMahon and all of the people involved were okay. From that point, the jokes and laughter started appearing in reference an absurd WWE storyline from years ago.

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[Image by WWE]

Back in the summer of 2007, WWE held a “Mr. McMahon Appreciation Night” on Monday Night Raw due to everyone trying to cheer him up after his “nervous breakdown.” It didn’t go quite like they planned, and McMahon left the arena in an even more depressed mood than when he arrived.

As he left, McMahon paused as he went to enter his limo and gave a bit of an evil look around before closing the door. Upon closing the door, the limo exploded in a giant fireball, and the episode of Raw ended with Vince McMahon seemingly “dead.”

WWE really played it up for weeks as if he was truly dead, and it was just a very strange and weird storyline during that time with the company. The storyline came to a screeching halt after Chris Benoit’s suicide and the death of his wife and son.

McMahon’s fake death was brought to light in early August, and he returned to say the limo explosion took place to see what people really thought about him. It really hasn’t been mentioned much over the years, but his accident today has made it a focal point once again.

The good thing is that no one was injured in the car accident, and McMahon is still scheduled to be at SmackDown tonight at the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut.

WrestleMania 33 is pretty much the entire focus of Vince McMahon and all of WWE right now, and one wouldn’t be surprised to see them all exhausted. While it could be that McMahon’s mind was elsewhere, there is also the possibility that his car accident today in Connecticut was nothing more than that — an accident. The good thing is that no one appeared to be hurt and that all parties can hopefully just move on from the incident.

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