Rabid Harry Styles Fans Cry Foul On Taylor Swift, Threaten Murder

Swift is great, but she has a bit of a reputation as a man-eater. She often plays the victim in her songs, but the fact is simple: Taylor burns through boyfriends like kindling, and her latest beau’s rabid fan base isn’t going to stand for it.

Swift and One Direction’s Harry Styles have shacked up for the now, with at least one rumor suggesting that the Red songstress is even house-hunting in Harry’s North London neighborhood. We’re not sure how true that is, and we’re even placing bets as to how long this one will last.

But before things get too serious, and even if it ends while it’s still pretty shallow, Swift would be wise to take note of something picked up on by HeckerSpray. Sweetie, dating Harry Styles has put you in the cross-hairs of his rabid tweenie fan-base.

The Directioners, the self-applied title for the group of fans who rabidly adore Harry Styles, have turned out on Twitter en masse to protect their fragile fantasies. They are wise to Swift’s man-eating ways, and have threatened her with death should she break Styles’ heart. Heck, some of them are threatening death for dating him in the first place.

One tweeted: “I’ll murder Taylor Swift. She will not date my Harry.” Another posted: “If u dating my harry, I kill u.”

Yikes! Now that Swift and Selena Gomez are best friends, maybe she can get some advice on how to handle the matter. Gomez herself received numerous death threats from Biebettes the world over after her relationship with Justin Bieber first went public.

Watch your back, Taylor! And for the record, we think you and Harry are adorable.