Paul Knight: Pamela Knight's Dead Body Found In Woods On ID's 'Jane Doe'

Investigation Discovery's Who Killed Jane Doe? is on the case of Pamela Knight tonight. Pamela K. Knight was a mother who went missing from her Knoxville, Tennessee, home more than a decade ago. Her killer turned out to be her estranged husband, Paul Knight, a petty criminal who spent time in and out of jail. Authorities located the missing mom's body years later. Who Killed Jane Doe's episode, "Her Whispering Bones," will retrace the Knoxville detectives' steps. Today, Paul Knight is serving time in prison for Pam Knight's brutal death on top of another sentence that he was already serving.

On Investigation Discovery's Who Killed Jane Doe?: Mother Disappears Four Days Before Halloween

According to the Knoxville Journal, at least one of Pamela Knight's three children remembered seeing her leave early that morning in October 2005 as she headed to work. She was in the car with her estranged husband, Paul Knight. Pam's children never saw her alive again. Her disappearance and the final knowledge of her death are two things her children will never forget.

She seemed to have vanished without a trace. And when Pamela Knight's mother heard that she was last seen in the car with Paul Knight, she knew that he was the person who was responsible for her disappearance. They already knew the news wouldn't be good because Pam would never have left her children. But they clung to the hope that she would return home to her kids alive.

Cold Case Mystery Solved: Body Of Missing Woman Found

Knoxville authorities say that never happened because Pamela Knight was found dead in 2012 under a pile of debris in a shed by two men. The father and son were digging around for scrap metal in the heavily wooded area when the rotting old shed captured their attention. They rummaged through the home and found an old blanket. Then a skull rolled out from under the blanket when one of them decided to pick it up.

Spooked, they hurried to call the police, who later arrived with forensic investigators. At first, no one could determine if the remains were that of a female or not. Even the person's age couldn't be pinpointed. But detectives were sure that they were looking at a homicide victim.

Knox News provides the following description.

"The remains were found around 6:30 p.m. Thursday, in a secluded area off Eblen Road, by a man and his son who were hunting for scrap metal. The body was in the debris of an abandoned shed that had fallen to the ground. The scrap hunters 'reported that a human skull rolled out of the comforter as one of (them) looked to see what was inside, after (he saw) what appeared to be a somewhat sun bleached bone protruding from the wrapping. Police declined to say what, if any, clothing or personal items were found on or around the remains.'"

An autopsy report and dental records confirmed that the skeletal remains were that of 35-year-old Pamela K. Knight, who had vanished from her Bruhin Road home almost eight years earlier.

Her estranged husband, Paul Knight, was the prime suspect. The investigation revealed that after Pam had vanished, Paul Knight relocated to South Carolina, where he got in a bit of trouble with the law. He was arrested there for stealing a car and crashing it with his new girlfriend and her children inside. He was already serving time in prison when police located him.

By then, he was ready to talk. The murdering husband finally admitted to detectives that he had strangled Pamela Knight before dumping her body in the woods.

On Who Killed Jane Doe?, viewers will most likely hear from her children, who are all grown up now, about how they have coped with life since their mother's death.

Statistics show that most female victims who are killed by their significant male partners are usually strangled, especially when the murders are unplanned.

  • Pamela Knight disappeared on the day of her child's birthday, the Knoxville News Sentinel reported.
  • Paul Anthony Knight is serving his prison sentence at a Federal prison in Sumterville, Florida.
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