Kim Zolciak ‘Don’t Be Tardy’: Mocked Over Thinking She’s Famous In Italy

Kim Zolciak was on The Real Housewives of Atlanta for a few years, and when she started a family and got pregnant, she accepted the offer to do her own spin-off show. For five seasons, Kim and her family have been filming Don’t Be Tardy, which is a show about Zolciak and her family. The show is a hit in the United States, but Bravo keeps the show in a 30-minute time slot. This week, Kim is vacationing in Italy with her husband, and it sounds like she thinks she’s just as famous in Italy as she is back in Atlanta.

According to a new Instagram post, Kim Zolciak went shopping with her husband in a store, and when she came out, she noticed a huge crowd. The crowd was massive and must have been around a few hundred people. And Kim was convinced that they were all there to see her. People in the back of the crowd were not able to see who she was, and they may have thought she was another famous person. But Zolciak was convinced that they are all there for her.

Venice Italy ❤ God I'm so blessed and I'm so grateful Thank You for all your blessing! ????????❤

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“I was shopping in Chanel and was completely oblivious to the crowd that built while inside. I was extremely flattered. Everyone was so incredibly respectful too! Ciao and Grazie,” Kim Zolciak wrote on Instagram to a video she shared, where she’s walking with her husband out of a store.

Outside of the store, there was a massive crowd waiting. However, it sounds like Kim may not have been the reason why the crowd was there. At least one person pointed out that the crowd was there for a different reason, and this person could possibly have known why the crowd was gathering in that spot. And if this is so, then Kim was looking mighty ridiculous thinking that the massive crowd was there for her.

“Why was there a crowd? You haven’t done anything extra special in life. Js,” one person wrote to Kim Zolciak’s video, while another added, “Those people are not there for you but nice try though!”

In the video, the crowd is massive. It could have been a peaceful protest or perhaps people gathering for an important sports event. On Instagram, one person wrote to Kim Zolciak that she had become too full of herself, especially after thinking that she has so many fans in Italy. Sure, they could be there for Kroy Biermann as well, as he’s a former NFL player, but football is just not that popular there. He’s nowhere near as famous as Tom Brady, for example.

“Used to really enjoy watching you on TV but you are really just so ridiculous and full of yourself. vapid women are just really getting so old…not gonna follow you on Instagram or watch your show anymore. you’ve lost a fan,” one person wrote to Kim Zolciak, who didn’t reply to any of the comments she received on her Instagram video.

Italy ???????? such a beautiful place. ❤ I was/am amazed by all the detail.

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However, some people did believe Kim Zolciak’s Instagram post that the crowd was there for her, and they offered her some sweet words along the way.

“Wow. Must be overwhelming to see all that love. When you keep it real like you and your family always do, people cant help to love that!- stay safe and enjoy,” one person wrote to Kim Zolciak, while another added, “I can’t even imagine the feeling of gratitude in your heart!!! You have touched so many just for being authentically you…such a gift.”

Do you think that huge crowd was there for Kim Zolciak and her husband? Do you think she’s that famous in Italy?

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