'The Walking Dead' Spoilers Season 7 Episode 15: The Oceanside Guns [Video]

The Walking Dead Season 7 is now heading into the penultimate Episode 15, titled "Something They Need," and fans will be getting another look at a distant community that was last visited by Tara back in Season 7A. That also happens to be the last time that they saw Heath, and this could mean that a major turning point is coming in the series where friends become foes, such was the case with Eugene in the last episode of The Walking Dead.

If there is one thing that has pretty much defined Season 7B of The Walking Dead, that is the hunt for allies to help Rick and Alexandria take down Negan and the Saviors. This is what will lead them to a new community on Episode 15 of The Walking Dead, as reported by TV Guide.

This is the part of the article where we feel compelled to warn you that there are some major spoilers coming up from previous episodes of The Walking Dead, Season 7. If you have not watched those episodes yet and do not want them spoiled for you, then you should only proceed with that caution in mind. There are also some potential spoilers for Episode 15 of The Walking Dead, "Something They Need." Again, you should only keep reading with this spoiler warning in mind.
It is important that we catch up to where we are currently at with Season 7 of The Walking Dead in order to understand where the show is taking us next. The last two episodes have been mostly about transitions the various communities are making at this point following their most recent encounters with the Saviors and how they have affected them.

Two episodes ago on The Walking Dead, fans saw that the Kingdom suffered two major deaths that have forced their hand. King Ezekiel has decided to take up the cause with Rick following a conversation with Carol. TWD fans also saw a little of Morgan's psychosis drift back into the picture again and things got heated.

Last week on The Walking Dead, the Saviors made an obligatory run to the Hilltop looking for Daryl, but also to pick up their new doctor following the death of their old one after Negan threw him into the fire pit.

TWD fans also saw some progress made between Sasha and Rosita on The Walking Dead, which led to a cliffhanger for more than one reason. When Sasha and Rosita finally made it to the Saviors compound, they had Negan well within their sights, but could not deliver the death blow because Sasha could not get a good line of sight that would not have killed the new doctor or Eugene.

As The Walking Dead progressed, Rosita and Sasha are finally able to make a death blow on a Savior that stood outside in the dark next to Eugene, but they were separated by a fence when they showed up to rescue Eugene. But to make matters worse, Eugene refused to go with them and decided instead to stay with the Saviors, running back into the building. It was a moment that was seen by many as a betrayal and it will likely not sit well with Rick and the core group from Alexandria.

Sasha was last seen running into the compound, blocking Rosita from following her, in what appeared to be Sasha's final parting words. Rosita then looked at a shadowy dark figured that resembled Daryl, but that is when The Walking Dead episode cut off.

That brings us to Episode 15 of The Walking Dead, "Something They Need." Although Rick and the core have already found some guns, it is obvious that they are going to need more. So they are making a journey to a newly discovered group that might just have the guns and the manpower they need in the fight against Negan.
Watch Episode 15 of The Walking Dead, "Something They Need," this Sunday on AMC.

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