New Angry Birds Soda Is Number One In Finland

The new Angry Birds soda is warming hearts all over Finland. The Fins are so beak over claws for the icy drink that it is outselling both Coke and Pepsi in the country. This high carbonated fact comes from the annual Slush conference taking place in Helsinki this week.

Peter Vesterbacka, the CMO for Rovio, makers of the Angry Birds game along with the new soda, said the drink would be available soon in New Zealand and Australia too. He is hopeful Angry Birds soda will enjoy the same popularity in those regions as it now receives in Finland.

Many people will not be surprised that Angry Birds soda is number one in Finland since Vesterbacka himself is Finnish. But, not only that, Vesterbacka’s Angry Birds has brought his home a many faceted industry.

The new soda isn’t the only non-gaming enterprise bearing the Angry Birds label. Angry Birds opened its first activity park in China this past summer with plans for several more in that country along with future plans to build in the UK and America. There are also Angry Bird debit cards and even a learning resource to help teach physics to young children. The learning resource was developed in collaboration with science lab CERN. There are also Angry Bird gummy candies and plush toys among various other pieces of merchandise.

So what does Angry Bird Soda taste like? Attendees at the Slush conference say it’s not bad, not too sugar,y and that it tastes a bit like apples.

Other flavors of the drink include Red Bird-Strawberry, Blue Bird-Blueberry, Yellow Bird-Lemon, and Black Bird-Cola.

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