Will ‘Supernatural’ End With 300 Episodes? What About 666 Episodes?

There are still rumors and discussions about when the CW's longest running show, Supernatural, will end. Since around Season 3, there have been talks about the ending, but the most recent news is that the show is looking to wrap things up around the 300th episode. However, the stars have since backtracked on their discussion of the end.

According to Jensen Ackles, who plays Dean on Supernatural, the comment about 300 episodes was taken out of context. Jared Padalecki had said to Entertainment Weekly that they were working on their next milestone and maybe then it would be time to say goodbye. Sites like Hidden Remote continue to believe that this could mean Supernatural will end with 300 episodes.

Ending at 300 episodes wouldn't be a bad feat for the CW drama. With the current setting, it would mean Supernatural Season 14 would have 13 episodes and completely wrap up the storyline. Executive Producer Robert Singer, who has been there since day one, has said that the show deserves a real series finale instead of just slipping off into the void of canceled shows.

However, Ackles has said that there are no plans to just walk away at episode 300. That is just the next milestone. There are talks about another milestone as the finishing mark, which Screen Crush says is episode 666. This would mean another 14 or so seasons of the show, which likely isn't going to happen but it's a fun number for the supernatural and demonic-natured show.

There are certainly no plans for the CW to take the show off the air just yet. While it isn't the strongest performer, it's also not the weakest performer. The CW's viewing ratings are traditionally low anyway, as it is a network for the teens. Even the likes of Arrow and The Flash see low ratings compared to the bigger networks.

The difference with shows like Supernatural is the cult following. Twitter is constantly trending with #Supernatural on a Thursday night, telling the network that people want to see it airing. Even if fans can't tune in live, they're able to tweet to let the network know they love the show. Considering the live viewing ratings are based off just the Neilson ratings, this is an important element to modern day viewing.

Mark Pedowitz, president of the CW, has confirmed that Supernatural will continue until the stars are ready to leave. The show would only survive with all the current main characters, not just Ackles and Padalecki, who started the show. The show tried to write out Misha Collins' Castiel in Season 7, but fans were outraged and called for him to come back. The writers quickly found a way to right the wrong.

Sure enough, cancellation rumors about Supernatural happen every year. Around Season 3, there were talks of the show finishing at Season 5 – that was where Eric Kripke had created up to, and he was walking away after that. Seasons 6 and 7 struggled, but Jeremy Carver helped to pick things up from Season 8. However, the show still wasn't as strong as it used to be until arguably the last couple of seasons. The brothers have found their way back to each other, Cass is more like himself, and Crowley is back as a strong King of Hell. Of course, fans also got excited about Mary Winchester's return in Supernatural Season 12.

At the moment, there is no telling when the cast will decide it is time to call it a day. They are currently looking towards the 300th episode, but that doesn't mean the end. It's a milestone for them. However, Supernatural won't just end without a good series finale to wrap it up – that's what everyone behind the scenes wants.

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