Teen Wins $500,000 From Lottery Scratch-Off Ticket, Plans To Give Parents $495K

The Michigan Lottery is going viral with an article titled "Ingham County Teen: Bulk of $500,000 Lottery Prize Going to Parents," which was published on March 17. That's because the article goes on to describe how a teenager in Ingham County, Michigan, plans to spend his $500,000 lottery win. Instead of going out and splurging most of his $500,000 Michigan Lottery win on himself and his friends, the anonymous lottery winner plans to spend most of the win on his parents as a way of thanking them for their support of him over his lifetime.

As seen on Google Maps, Ingham County houses popular cities in Michigan such as Lansing. With a population of more than 280,000 people in 2010, reports the census of that year, Ingham County enjoys a county seat of Mason. But the attention is more on the 19-year-old and his choice to give $495,000 of his lottery win to his parents.

A truck stop in Williamston, not far from Lansing, is the location of the Sunoco gas station where the teen made his winning purchase. After the teenager spent $10 for at least one of the Michigan Lottery's scratch-off ticket called Golden Wild Time, the instant game ended up paying off big time. The gas station is located at 2635 North Williamston Road. According to the unnamed teen, he stopped at the gas station after he gave a ride to a friend. The truck stop had only one Golden Wild Time ticket left, so he bought it, in what must have seemed like an act of fate.

The unnamed teen said that he scratched off the instant ticket right there, and upon seeing his $500,000 win, he thought initially that the store was playing a joke on him. However, the Sunoco folks weren't playing a trick on the teen, and they were happy and excited about the ticket. The winning teen claimed his $500,000 winnings at Michigan Lottery headquarters on Friday and let folks know what he planned to do with his winnings and how much he planned to share with his parents, a gift that is going viral.

According to the winning photo of the Golden Wild Time ticket, the scratch-off ticket offers players the chance to "win up to $500,000!" There were also bonus spots that allowed winners to win more money if a certain symbol was shown. However, the winning "Golden Wild Time" ticket showed winning numbers of "01, 28, 26, 30, 11" at the top, and the "your numbers" section, but apparently none of those numbers mattered because there was a gold bar with $500,000 in the middle, with the "500 THOU" verifying the $500,000 win.

With the teenager reporting that he only plans to keep $5,000 for himself to invest while giving the rest to his parents, his story is going viral on Facebook. The teen said that his parents have done so much for both him and his sister that giving them $495,000 would take a big load off of their shoulders. The teen said it was incredible to win so much money and that he had a big smile on his face.


Comments flowing into reports about the teen's lottery win, such as in relation to the ABC7 report about the teen's plans, can be read below.

Summer Of Love 68: "Great guy. The world needs more like him!

E Q U I N O X: "APPLAUSE for the teenager!!"

RU4real: "Wow, what a Good Boy! Nice to hear a child being appreciative of their parents and what they've done and what they've spent on raising them over the years. Seeee... there IS still good in this world."

Phildo Young: "Son, is that you, come home to Papa."

denlink: "That's a great attitude, but please, interview and hire a financial adviser that knows all the tax implications of 'giving' your parents the $495,000. There are so many ways the IRS will cut those winnings down if it's not done properly so the tax burden is minimized."

spider man fan: "Great story."

Getalifeyou: "And invest that $5k wisely..hopefully he's the next Bill Gates."

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