‘Teen Mom’ Star Javi Marroquin Divorce: What He’s Focusing On After Kailyn

Teen Mom star Javi Marroquin tried to respect his estranged wife when he returned home from serving time overseas in the Air Force, but he quickly learned that she wasn’t exactly eager to get along.

On Teen Mom over the past couple of weeks, he has been sharing more and more dirt on Kailyn, who admitted to sleeping with someone else while he was away and after she filed for divorce. He was clearly hurt by the betrayal, but he has decided to focus on himself — just as Teen Mom fans want him to.

According to a new tweet, this Teen Mom star is moving on from Kailyn Lowry by focusing on himself, and he has been hitting the gym quite a bit. When he was married to Lowry, Javi would go to the gym and do Crossfit. And now, he’s working on his revenge body, and it sounds like this Teen Mom star can really find time to work on himself. And he has been tweeting up a storm about his progress.

“Me too! Quick tip, point your elbows out in front of you not to the side. A common mistake I made. Since then corrected it. Huge difference,” Javi tweeted to his Teen Mom fans, sharing that he’s focusing hardcore on his health and his fitness after his split from Kailyn Lowry.

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For a while, Kailyn used the social media network to bash her ex-husband, who tried his very best to show her respect and keep her dirty laundry off social media. But on Teen Mom 2, he slammed her, bringing up the fact that she had indeed slept with another man while he was away. This had been a theory for a long time, but people weren’t quite sure if she had cheated. Since she had already filed for divorce, she technically wasn’t cheating.

Since this Teen Mom star is focusing on his health, many people are reaching out to him about doing fitness-related things, including Tough Mudder. And he was more than eager to help his fans out with this kind of thing rather than ask about his Teen Mom drama.

“Yo brother you ever do a tough mudder? If so how was it?! I’m thinking about doing the one in pa in may!” one person asked Marroquin, who replied with, “I’m doing the one in Philly in may. I’ve done 3 before. They’re a lot of fun!”

While he was focusing on his health and fitness, his ex-wife dropped a bomb. She is pregnant with her third child with a new man, and it sounds like he had no idea that she was expecting. And she didn’t tell him about the pregnancy, so he learned the news at the same time as Teen Mom fans.

17.3 in the books! Told her I couldn't do it 5x. Thanks for motivation today, coach @michael_scharmach

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“I am pregnant. I’m sad that I should have known that people in my life would sell me out before I was ready. Like any normal person, I want it to be a happy time. I wanted this to be a private time so I could be excited while not getting chased by paparazzi and bothered with crazy headlines. Please know this was a choice I made, I already know some won’t agree but I’ve been showered with support by the ones I love since I found out. Why did I wait? I’ve had a lot of health complications leading up to this pregnancy and I was not ready to release such private information on my own just yet being that I am so high risk with this pregnancy,” Kailyn Lowry wrote on her website about her pregnancy, which she announced a few weeks ago.

What do you think of Teen Mom star Javi Marroquin’s decision to focus on his health? Do you think it’s wise of him to keep the drama away from social media?

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