WWE News: Paige Confirms Her Nude Photos Were Stolen, May Be Fired From WWE?

When the word got out that WWE Diva Paige had nude photos that appeared on the internet, speculation began almost immediately about their origin: Did she leak them herself or were they stolen? Now, according to the latest WWE news reports, Paige herself has confirmed that the photos were stolen and leaked without her permission or knowledge.

But it doesn't matter to the company because there's a risk that she'll be fired regardless of whether it was an accident or on purpose, which is causing an outrage amongst the Diva's fans.

According to the WWE news report from Fox News, Paige went so far as to issue an official statement about her leaked nude photos.

In one video, Paige is seen having sex with two male wrestlers. In some of the photos, she's seen performing a sex act with an adult toy. And still, in others, she's seen engaging in oral sex with unspecified men.

The controversy surrounding the photos got so bad that Paige's mother, Saraya Knight -- who was also a former wrestler -- to defend her daughter.

But according to the latest WWE news from Forbes, many WWE fans are so disgusted with Paige that they want her fired.

However, there's some criticism about this potential firing, because other WWE stars -- like Seth Rollins -- have had intimate photos released of their escapades and did not face any sort of criticism.

"It warrants mention that Paige is one of many victims of the latest widespread celebrity hack by an unsavory individual who leaked private photos. But given the precedent of leaked photo and video scandals in WWE alone, hiding behind the excuse of privacy simply doesn't cut it anymore. WWE took no action against Seth Rollins for a similar leak, but swiftly (and rightfully) fired Hulk Hogan when his "private" racially-charged tirade was made public."

So, how should the WWE handle it?

According to the latest WWE news from Comic Book, wrestlers -- including Paige -- have a morality clause in their contract, meaning that "leaked photos" like the ones featuring Paige could lead to her getting fired.

But, if the photos were stolen from their private accounts -- rather than "leaked" by the wrestler himself or herself -- should the superstar be held accountable?

According to the outlet, the company is handling it the way they should be: by treating the superstars as the victims of a crime.

"One thing the WWE has been acutely aware of is that while it seems everyone on the internet is aware of Paige's videos, that is not representative of the larger WWE audiences that attend their shows or watch on television. While tonight's Brooklyn crowd could be particularly rowdy, the majority of people watching at home will have no clue that any of this has happened. Thankfully, WWE, appears to be handling the situation exactly as they should, treating both Paige and Xavier Woods as victims of a crime instead of the perpetrators."

What do you think of this latest round of WWE news? Do you think Paige should be fired from the WWE for the nude photo leak?

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