Source Says Briana Renee Of 'Little Women: LA' Is Never Going To Leave Matt

Everyone has seen the issues between Briana Renee and her husband Matt on Little Women: LA. They are very open about it on the show. These two even separated for a bit while she was pregnant with Maverick, but they worked it out. Now a source close to the situation is speaking out and saying that Briana Renee will never actually leave Matt Grundhoffer regardless of what people think is the best thing for her. Radar Online shared the details about what the source had to say about how Briana is going to stick around.

Last year Matt was cheating on Briana and even sexting other women. That would have been enough for most women to leave their husband behind, but it wasn't enough for her. Briana Renee continued to stay by his side and work on their marriage. An insider is now sharing saying, "It's always going to be tumultuous. No one is sure how she could ever move on from Matt's past." This will make their marriage hard, but Briana isn't going anywhere either. She is in it for the long haul.

Matt Grundhoffer has a track record for not being faithful. Just last year, he was sexting trans supermodel Plastic Martyr. This wasn't the first time that he had been caught sexting someone else either. He was also arrested for DUI and allegedly choking an ex-girlfriend in the past. The source is sharing that none of this is going to be enough for Briana to leave him, though. The source went on to say, "She will never, ever leave him. Her friends have described her as desperate. She can't stand being alone." Briana Renee might be able to find someone else, but it doesn't sound like she wants to go through any of that and would rather just stay with Matt.

In Touch Weekly recently shared that Briana Renee had some issues with postpartum depression and opened up to them about it all. One thing that was hard for her was explaining to Matt how she was feeling and why. Here is what Briana shared at the time.
"When I had Leiana, I bounced back no problem. After having Maverick, something is very different — and I'm starting to think I need some help. I know some women go through postpartum depression and I'm starting to think that's what I'm going through right now. Because something is just not right."
Briana Renee was also very open about these struggles on the show, but it isn't like this is the only reason she had issues with Matt. There was a lot going on in their marriage, and this was just another bump in the road for them. At one point, a lot of people thought that Briana Renee and Matt might call it quits, but that doesn't seem to be what is going to happen for them. Briana and Matt will continue to show their relationship ups and downs on the show as they stay together regardless of their past issues.

Do you feel like Briana Renee should leave her husband, Matt? Do you think that working it out is a better idea for them? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of Little Women: LA on Tuesday nights on Lifetime. Of course, their relationship together is a big part of the show and fans will have to watch Briana and Matt together to decide if they think their relationship is going to last or not.

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