'The Bachelorette' 2017: Latest News And Filming Update

The Bachelorette 2017 with Rachel Lindsay began filming last Thursday. Several leaks on filming have come out online, with most of them coming from Bachelor producer Mike Fleiss. Reality Steve has filled in the blanks regarding where the cast is taping scenes for the next Bachelorette season.

Where is filming at now for the 31-year-old attorney and her cast? They began production on Thursday at the mansion in L.A. In the photo seen below, Rachel wore a sleeveless white gown during the meet and greet.

In another shot taken on set, several suitors are photographed inside the mansion after meeting Rachel Lindsay. They're getting better acquainted with one another before the real drama fires up and they all try to outdo one another while trying to get the lead's attention.

Fleiss teased in another image posted on Friday that Rachel Lindsay was at a California vineyard. Reality Steve wrote in his spoilers that it was at Malibu Wine Safaris and that a group date was taking place at La Quinta Resort on Saturday.

In other news for The Bachelorette 2017, Fleiss tweeted a photo on Monday of Rachel walking from a private jet with a dog, but the producer didn't offer any other details. Many users joked that Rachel should totally "pick the dog" and forget about the men.

Rachel may have arrived in Burbank since Reality Steve stated a group date was going to be taped there and that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar "is gonna make the guys show off for Rachel!" Steve tweeted a photo of a promotion for the event, which will be a basketball game. Expect some of The Bachelorette contestants to reveal the sporty side of themselves during this competition.

A number of cast members have already been named by Reality Steve. Fans saw four of them when Rachel Lindsay had an impromptu meet-and-greet with her suitors on After the Final Rose.

The eight contestants that Reality Steve has released for The Bachelorette 2017 are: Alex Bordyukov, a 28-year-old accountant from Grosse Point, Michigan; Blake Killpack, a 30-year-old who works in talent acquisitions operations for Workday in San Francisco, California; Peter Kraus, a 30-year-old personal trainer from Madison, Wisconsin; Jonathan Treece, a doctor from New Smyrna Beach, Florida (age not given); DeMario Jackson, a 30-year-old from Los Angeles who's a recruiting consultant for Michael Page; Blake Elarbee, a 31-year-old personal trainer from Los Angeles, California; Dean Unglert, a 26-year-old who works as a tech company recruiter in Los Angeles, California; and Eric Bigger, a 29-year-old from Los Angeles, California who works as a motivational speaker.

Some of these contestants -- like most of the people who are on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette now -- are models or have modeled. Accomplished and educated men have certainly been cast for Rachel's season of the show. She's an attorney who'll certainly require someone with a high intellect to be her equal.

Lindsay shared in a People interview what's most important to her in her journey to find love.

"I'm very open…I'm really not picky. I'm a sucker for a great smile. That's probably my favorite physical attribute. I just want a guy with good morals, who's funny. I'm corny, it's easy to make me laugh. I like a guy who can hold a good conversation. I want him to be intelligent and ambitious."

Rachel did note that the man she falls for has to like sports. She said he doesn't have to play them but has to at least be able to talk about them.

The Bachelorette 2017 premieres on ABC Monday, May 22 at 8 p.m, ET/PT.

[Featured Image by ABC]