'Cash Me Outside' Girl: Internet Sensation Cashes In On Meme's Popularity

Danielle Bregoli, the "cash me outside" girl's name, is cashing in on her sensational internet success and memefication big time!


Bregoli, who flaunted the catch-phrase "cash me ousside" on Dr. Phil last September and has been a meme favorite ever since, is apparently staying true to her "cash me outside" strategy.

Bregoli, who recently transformed her look with a dramatic makeunder, might be stealing her mom's credit cards and Dr. Phil's producer's car, but fans have got to hand it to the 13-year-old internet star: she does really know how to make money off her internet success.

The "cash me outside" catchphrase allowed Bregoli to come up with her own "official as f***" online store, where she is actively selling her "cash me outside" merchandise, which includes a "Cash Me Ousside" T-shirt and even a 252-piece puzzle of her face, which has been making the rounds on the internet for months now.

As ridiculous as it may sound, people are even willing to throw away their money to get a $250 blanket that says "YUP A BLANKET HO" following Bregoli's "catch me outside" meme success, according to BuzzFeed.

But why is the meme so popular among internet users that they are willing to buy all kinds of useless "cash me ousside"-branded things for their home?

Bregoli got her alias as the "cash me outside girl" after her appearance on Dr. Phil. During the controversial episode, the "cash me outside" meme girl was exhibiting bad behavior, rolling her eyes, cursing, but most notably, being a catch-phrase, meme-generating machine.

Bregoli's controversial stunts include stealing her mom's credit card, stealing a Dr. Phil producer's car, and later stealing that producer's money, as well as punching a stranger on an airplane. However, the meme queen attributes her enormous Internet success to saying the catchphrase, which in her laughable accent sounded like "cash me ousside."

To be more precise, the entire phrase was "catch me outside, how 'bout that?" but the 13-year-old girl somehow managed to make it sound like "cash me ousside, howbow dah?"

And that was it. The internet lost it. "Cash me outside" memes have taken over the web ever since.

In addition to Bregoli commercializing her crazy memeification, the "cash me outside" girl has also made numerous radio appearances and filmed YouTube sketches, which became enormously popular thanks to commenters flaunting their funniest jokes in the comment section.

Bregoli, who also managed to get into a physical fight outside a Florida bar following her "cash me outside" meme's popularity, returned to Dr. Phil last month, making that episode the show's third-highest rating for the year.

During her February appearance, the "cash me outside" girl felt like a true queen and literally laughed right in Dr. Phil's face on several occasions. Bregoli mocked Dr. Phil, saying that he was "nothing before I came on this show."

The "cash me ousside" meme star, who Dr. Phil says is desperate for public attention, was full of catchphrases again despite the fact that the host took away his studio largely-female audience, who Bregoli called "hos" during her first appearance.

After her first Dr. Phil appearance, the Bregoli sought treatment at the Turn-About Ranch. Bregoli has also said that she has the desire to become a nurse and wants to help the world get rid of cyber-bullying.

But for now, the "cash me ousside" meme sensation seems to be focused on cashing in on her huge success while she can.

[Featured Image by Danielle Bregoli/Instagram]