Guru Says Donald Trump And Melania Trump Are Not In Love

A self-proclaimed love guru took it upon herself to analyze the body language observed between President Donald Trump and his wife Melania. The results are in and she has come to the conclusion that the U.S. president and the first lady are not actually in love.

There have been many rumors surrounding the relationship shared by Donald and Melania Trump. Many of which are along the lines of the couple having marriage problems that would eventually lead to a divorce.

The View talk show host Joy Behar revealed her findings after assessing Donald and Melania's relationship saying that Melania is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome and is even "a hostage up in Trump Tower." Apparently, Joy used part of the president's inauguration footage to study the couple's behavior then proceeded to state her observations Dailystar reports.

In the said inauguration clip, Melania would smile for her husband at first but this smile drops when Donald Trump looks away. According to Joy, this behavior indicates that Donald Trump must have said something to upset Melania. Nonetheless, many observers noticed the cold nature of their relationship on that very day.

Some say that Melania is not a fan of smiling as it promotes wrinkles. The talk show host may have to disagree with other explanations of the scenario in question as well. After observing their behavior in public and thus comparing them with what the Obama's beamed with, Joy Behar simply doesn't believe that there is love between Donald Trump and Melania.

However, not everyone would agree with Ms. Behar with regard to this sensitive matter. In fact, the Conservative Patriot blog called foul at her for vocalizing her observation and opinion on the president's marriage. The said blog tagged Ms. Behar and her remarks as "inappropriate" particularly because "nothing that would make anyone think that they don't love one another has occurred."

Evidently, there will be those who will oppose to this love guru's findings, but an actual expert in body language may share her views. Independent reports that Melania Trump may just be "an object" in the eyes of the U.S. president.

Susan Constantine, a body language expert who contributed in training U.S. government department and credible lawyers shares the same views as Joy Behar. Ms. Constantine told Mic that she doesn't see any resemblance to true love between Donald and Melania Trump.

"If you didn't know that they were married, you wouldn't know that they are married," she said.

In addition to Susan Constantine and Joy Behar, another body language expert, Patti Wood, also noticed something odd in the interactions between the couple. Patti observed how the U.S. president danced with his first lady during the inauguration ball and found that it showed signs of an unbalanced relationship.

Patti Wood shared more of her insights with Mic, saying that she noticed Donald Trump "pulling her in sexually," while Melania was actually pulling away while they danced. According to this body language expert, Melania's behavior indicated that she was not willing to "merge with him as a partner."

There is another instance that showcased the cold nature between the U.S. president and his first lady and many have taken note of this moment as well. It happened near the beginning of inauguration day, and Patti Wood shared her observations with the Mail Online.

According to Ms. Wood, "It's interesting that Trump got out of the car and came up the stairs and shook hands instead of helping his wife out of the car, waiting for her, or even looking back for her."

As the swearing ceremony proceeded, cameras were able to capture Donald Trump giving Melania a quick and simple greeting when she joined him. The rather overly casual greeting given to Melania as she joined her husband to share in the biggest moment of his life was definitely compared to that of the Obama's.

Looking back, it can be recalled that Barack Obama warmly greeted Michelle when she joined him for the swearing ceremony. A comparison that many find hard to ignore, similar to Donald Trump's history of making improper comments about women.

Apparently, the U.S. president has had his fair share of lewd remarks and accusations of sexual harassment from various women. The latter has caused many observers to think that if Donald Trump had any feelings of respect for Melania, such words and behavior towards women would not come so easily to him.

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