'Big Brother Canada 5' Spoilers: Week 2 HOH, Nomination, And POV Comp Results

Big Brother Canada 5 Week 1 is over and the spoilers for Week 2 suggest that the house has plenty of drama coming in the next few days. The live feeds were (finally) turned on after Thursday's show. After Karen's head of household win during Week 1 where she targeted Mark and Demetres, many BBCan5 viewers were not sure what to expect after Week 1's eviction.

New Head Of Household And Nominations

When the live feeds turned on, one juicy tidbit that came out was that Demetres won the head of household competition. Since Karen nominated him, at first, she seemed nervous that he could target her. According to Big Brother Network, returning players Ika, Sindy, and Neda urged Demetres to put up Dillon and suggested the possibility of backdooring Cassandra.
Big Brother Canada spoilers indicate that Demetres followed through with the plan and put up Dillon and Emily on the block. When the feeds returned after nomination ceremony, Emily was in tears, and Dillion was trying to comfort her. Both nominees have the chance to play for the veto and remove themselves from the block. The target for the week is, of course, Dillon, with Emily as the pawn.

Week 2 Power Of Veto Results

Big Brother Canada spoilers tease that the POV winner put Demetres in a terrible place, forcing him to name a replacement nominee. Dillon, who was the target, won the competition, so he is safe for the week.

A few of the vets pushed for Demetres to name Dallas as the replacement nominee. Big Brother Canada spoilers revealed that Dallas wasn't expecting to be put on the block so that it would be quite a shock to his system.

Demetres worried that the vets wouldn't be able to keep their mouth shut about the plan, and somehow Dallas will find out.

Dallas Finds Out He Is The Target

According to Online Big Brother, Demetres' worst fear happened when Cassandra and Ika broke the news to Dallas that he could be put on the block after Dillon uses the veto on himself. And they revealed that if he does go on the block, he will go home.

Big Brother Canada spoilers state that Dallas was surprised to hear that he was the target for the week. He couldn't believe that Demetres was considering putting him on the block. Dallas realized that he was spending too much time with Dillon and it caused him to have a target on his back too. He decided to distance himself from Dillon and hoped that was enough to save himself this week.

Early Sunday morning, Dallas decided to talk to Demetres to see if they can work out a safety deal. Dallas told him that if he kept him, he would go after Dillon and Karen for him so he can keep his hands clean.

Later, the Big Brother live feed spoilers revealed that Demetres and Dallas caught up with each other again and they made peace. He told Dallas that he has to put him on the block, but he will campaign for him and push to evict Emily.

Big Blindside In The Works

Will Demetres really fight to keep Dallas in the Big Brother house? It isn't likely. Right after he shook Dallas' hand, Demetres told Neda that they are in a good position and should take advantage of it by taking a swing at Dallas this week. It looks like the plan is still to vote out Dallas.

Big Brother spoilers reveal that not all the vets are on board to keep Dallas this week, which puts him in a vulnerable spot. The power of veto ceremony will take place on Monday morning. The Big Brother fans expect to see Emily and Dallas on the block after the POV meeting.

Big Brother Canada fans, who do you think will leave the house this week, Emily or Dallas?

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