‘Street Fighter V’ PC Beta To Go Live March 28, Capcom Testing Matchmaking

It appears that Capcom is working on even more changes for Street Fighter V.

We already know that Capcom has been tuning characters for balance. While some receive buffs, others have received necessary nerfs. In an update that deals more with the system than gameplay, Capcom is looking to make an overhaul to the Capcom Fighter Network and online matchmaking.

According to Destructoid, Street Fighter V will be holding an open beta for PC players. While there’s reason to be excited, there are a few key tidbits of information that should be realized. Perhaps the most obvious of these is that PC users will be the only ones able to participate in the beta. This will come in the form of Steam users being able to download Street Fighter V for free. Every character currently available on the roster will be available. This will give players a chance to go head to head without restriction. Additionally, this will give Capcom the ability to properly gauge their new matchmaking update for optimization.

While the Street Fighter V beta shows promise, there are some things that should be noted. The beta will be a separate application from the real game. This means that progress won’t be carried over into the actual copy of Street Fighter V. However, players will be able to log in under their original Network names. Unfortunately, there will also be no access to any feature that isn’t online. If you’re looking to experience the story and campaign of each character, you’ll have to purchase the actual game.

Capcom’s performance was noted in a Steam community post.

“We understand that Street Fighter V’s server performance has been a less than optimal experience for many of our players,” the post began. “That said, we want to collect feedback and ensure everything is optimized for launch of new CFN. We will be giving PC players a sneak peek of what’s to come while putting the new CFN through its paces with an official PC Beta Test.”

Maintenance will be necessary to implement the inclusion of the beta. On top of this, there’s also the rumor of a new character coming to Street Fighter V. According to Yahoo Sports, a new character named Taylor may be coming as a character reveal in the future. Though it’s only speculation, one shouldn’t be surprised if Capcom has more in the works than networking testing. The timing for release has been off in the past, but it’s been Capcom’s promise that fans will be receiving content more consistently.

Street Fighter V will likely have a brand new feel to it, especially with Capcom’s attention to detail. PlayStation Lifestyle reports the intended changes to the Capcom Fighter’s Network, mainly that of an improved Rage Quit penalty system and lessening the time it takes for players to find an online match. By the beta’s end, this could possibly be the most polished version of Street Fighter V we’ve seen yet. It would certainly be a far cry from the game’s initial release.

The PC beta for Street Fighter V will end on April 3, giving fans and players more than enough time to stress Capcom’s servers while getting their hands on characters that they haven’t explored yet. If you’re looking for a reason to cave in and try the game for yourself, owning a PC is your key to unlocking some of the game’s features free of charge.

Are you excited about the PC beta for Street Fighter V? Do you believe that console players should also be receiving a chance at a beta? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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