Apollo Nida’s Fiancee Seemingly Slams Phaedra Parks As A Hypocrite

One person who doesn’t seem to buy that Phaedra Parks was truly sad about her marriage to Apollo Nida ending is his current fiancee, Sherien Almufti. As the latest The Real Housewives of Atlanta episode aired on Sunday night, Sherien put up a post about hypocrisy.

Sherien’s posted a message about how hypocrisy is the state of pretending to have virtues, feelings, and other qualities that one actually does not have. The message further states that hypocrisy involves the deception of others. In her hashtag, Sherien told people to not be a hypocrite.

One person applauded Sherien on her “shade” towards Phaedra.

“aries_wonderland39: Llooll. Great shade towards Shady Phaedra lloolll”

The latest episode showed Phaedra showing sadness over the finalization of her divorce from Apollo. When Kenya Moore threw a surprise divorce party for Phaedra and Cynthia Bailey, the women’s faces made it clear that they really didn’t want to celebrate the end of their marriages. Yet while Cynthia stayed for the party and was a good sport, Phaedra made a hasty exit, claiming that she was ill.

In her confessional interview, Phaedra said that Kenya’s party made a mockery of the sacrament of marriage and she wanted no part of it.

During the party, Porsha Williams told the women that Phaedra was mad and read out a text that she had sent after her departure.

“I’m good, but I’m appalled that they would think that the breakup of a family is the cause for celebration and with the host being the trifling woman who was texting my husband — disgusting and disgraceful.”

Kenya went to Phaedra’s hotel room and asked why she was so upset, pointing out that she has repeatedly said that she’s in the best place that she has ever been. Phaedra then admitted that she thought that Kenya threw the divorce party with ulterior motives. When Phaedra told Kenya that she was “a very contentious part” of her marriage, referencing Kenya’s history with Apollo, Kenya told Phaedra to stop blaming her for the end of her marriage.

In a confessional interview, Phaedra maintained that Kenya was inappropriate towards Apollo.

“When I was married, Kenya continuously flirted with my husband so no wonder she’s celebrating. It’s just on a whole other level of skanky.”

Kenya Moore told Phaedra Parks that whatever trouble she brought, it was only a “grain of sand” among all the issues already existing in the marriage. Kenya told Phaedra that she wasn’t being real. As Kenya continued to defend herself, Phaedra maintained that Kenya continued to talk to Apollo even when told not to and so was disrespectful of the marriage.

In her confessional interview, Kenya said that Phaedra was wrongly blaming her. Kenya also expressed regret that she had befriended her.

“She is blaming me for all her life’s woes. Just when I was starting to trust her, she turns around and stabs me right in the back.”

Kenya still finds it ridiculous that Phaedra was upset over the divorce party and lashed out at her for supposedly disrespecting her marriage. On Twitter, Kenya claimed that Phaedra was already with another man, whom she referred to only as “chocolate,” even before Apollo went to prison. Kenya added that Phaedra is a fraud.

In a previous The Real Housewives of Atlanta season, Apollo claimed that Phaedra was cheating on him with a man from Africa nicknamed “Mr. Chocolate.” After that episode aired, Kenya, in a blog post, said that Phaedra was running a smear campaign against Apollo in order to detract from the fact that was messing around with a “Mr. Chocolate.” As the Inquisitr reported, Phaedra seemingly tried to put the cheating allegation to bed by posting a photo of herself with a female friend known as “Whyte Chocolate.” Phaedra also denied the cheating allegation in multiple media interviews.

Earlier in the current season, Phaedra’s former friend, Kandi Burruss, criticized Phaedra Parks for acting sad over the end of her marriage to Apollo Nida. Kandi claimed that Phaedra couldn’t wait for Apollo to leave and that she was already talking to other people before he reported to prison, a charge that Phaedra denied. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, as that scene aired, Sherien Almufti, whom viewers will see pop up in a scene later this season, threw a dig at Phaedra by putting up a post on Instagram about how Phaedra’s “[s**t] does stink after all!!!!!”

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