July 14, 2017
Where And How To Find The Nintendo NES Classic Edition: A Complete Shopper's Guide

The NES Classic Edition has sold out quickly at launch, leaving many holiday shoppers and nostalgic fans without the coveted mini throwback console. Although Nintendo has announced, via Twitter, the company plans to provide a "steady flow of additional systems through the holiday shopping season and into the new year," it's like the Pokémon GO Plus launch and amiibo hunting all over again. If you're trying to figure out how to find a NES Classic Edition near you, this handy buyer's guide is outfitted with all the tips and tricks to help you get one.

NES Classic Edition at Best Buy

Best Buy is selling the mini console in their stores and online. A dedicated product page on their website can be used to check the online availability; but, as of this writing, the product is sold out online and the page does not display the option to search local inventory as it typically does for products sold at their stores. You can try asking an associate at guest services or in the gaming department if they can check the local availability using the SKU number of 5389100.

Savvy shoppers can also use the latest version of the Best Buy mobile app as a workaround to check for inventory at their local stores. Simply search for "NES Classic" within the app, and both the online store inventory and specified local inventory will be displayed in two separate tabs. Change your preferred store location to check inventory at the stores in your area an hour or two before stores open, so you can be one of the first in line if a store location is showing they've got some in.

Nintendo handheld sold out in USA
The Nintendo Entertainment system is now being sold as a handheld mini-console that comes with 30 pre-installed classic games. [Photo by Nintendo]

NES Classic Edition at Target

Asking an associate to perform a quick stock check might be the best bet at Target stores, as the console seems to be completely removed from both their mobile app and online store. It has a Store Item Number (DPCI) of 207-29-0180.

NES Classic Edition at Toys "R" Us

Toys "R" Us seems to be taking a similar approach to Target, as their website no longer lists the item online either. Asking politely in-store when it's not busy may point you in the right direction. The console has an "R" Web Number of 099263 and and SKU of A24B3213.

NES Classic Edition at Walmart

Walmart just added a new "search my store" feature to their mobile app, which could potentially be helpful if you find yourself passing through on a routine shopping visit. To find out when the product has been restocked online, they offer an in-stock alert service that sends out an email to share the good news.

NES Classic Edition Is Also Being Sold in Bundles
The NES Classic Edition is also being bundled with an additional controller at some retailers. [Photo by Nintendo]

NES Classic Edition at GameStop

GameStop is offering several bundles in addition to the standalone console, which means there are a few more options to keep track of in their online store. There's a bundle with one extra controller that costs about the same as buying the console and additional controller separately, a bundle that includes the mini console and the hardcover Playing with Power book, and another bundle that adds on both the book and extra controller. The "ultimate" bundle comes with all of the above, plus a backpack shaped like the NES.

Although the website says the small console is being sold "online only," there are reports of it being sold in stores as well. Your best bet with this retailer is to call or walk into your local store to inquire about local product inventory. If you strike out in your area, you can also ask if they are taking down a list of customers to call when shipments come in, but your mileage may vary by store.

NES Classic Edition at Amazon

If you're not following Amazon.com's official video game Twitter account, now might be the time to consider doing so. The online retailer alerts shoppers of when major products will be going on sale via their @amazongames account, and a recent tweet confirms they will be informing the masses of the next restock. In the meantime, get prepared for the moment of legend by making sure your account information is all up-to-date, so you can log in and check out as quickly as possible.

Nintendo World Store and Other Retailers

Residents of New York were treated to a midnight launch party for the mini Nintendo Entertainment System at the one-of-a-kind Nintendo New York store (formally the Nintendo World Store). After selling out at the launch event, additional units were made available on the following Saturday, but also quickly sold out. On the bright side, the Nintendo New York store has been updating their social media accounts to notify fans about the restocks, so they can plan accordingly.

As far as other shops go, Newegg.com was briefly selling the NES Classic but has since taken down its page for the item. The same goes for electronics retailer Fry's Electronics. Micro Center has kept their product page up, along with the tool that allows you to search in-store inventory for all their locations nationwide.


[Featured Image by Nintendo]