Watch The Most Popular ‘Gangnam Style’ Cover [Viral Video]

Waveya goes “Gangnam Style.”

Gangnam Style,” K-pop star Psy’s addictive if not contagious megahit dance video, has inspired any number of individuals and groups to do covers, tributes, parodies, and mashups — some even featuring Psy (a.k.a. PSY) himself.

The original video is presumed to be social commentary on Seoul’s most wealthy neighborhood where all of South Korea’s movers and shakers live, but, on Reddit last month, Psy insisted that “GS is not a critique, just FUN!”

That being said, one video version of Psy’s horse dance musical routine appears to stand head and shoulders (and legs) above all others. The video by the Korean dance team Waveya has already received an incredible 73 million hits on YouTube.

The Waveya fan website provides some background on the group:

“Waveya is a Korean Dance School lead by a team of beautiful dance professionals known by the same name.Their real popularity came down along with their videos onYouTube where they dance to different popular songs. Waveya was not really that popular until quite recently when they uploaded their newest video [‘Gangnam Style.’]”

As you’ll see, the Waveya “Gangnam Style” performance speaks for itself. Jeff Yang of The Wall Street Journal offers this friendly admonishment, however:

“Do not click unless you want to see five hot women in skin-tight tops, microskirts and chunky spike heels doing a letter-perfect choreographed take on PSY’s dance routine. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

The Waveya dancers in this video are Ari (the leader), DooRi, MiU, Yanzi, and YuJi.

Watch the Waveya dance team perform “Gangnam Style“: