WWE News: New Day Unlikely To Miss WWE RAW Despite Xavier Woods Nude Video Leak

Major news came out this weekend when nude videos and photos of WWE Superstar Paige hit the web, but New Day member Xavier Woods was caught up in it all, which led to speculation that New Day would be held off television for a while. The video he was part of, like all of the nude material that came out about Paige, dated back years. The issue is that the photos and videos came out now.

Many believe the video he is part of, in which he is part of a threesome with Paige and former WWE Superstar Brad Maddox, was from their time in WWE NXT together. This means the video has to be dated back to 2014 and before. Therefore, the videos are at least three years old. As one would assume, the video was never set to be released publicly as it was for private use only.

Sadly hackers do not care for personal property or likeness. The hack seemed to come from an iCloud account of either Paige or Brad Maddox. Obviously the videos are old, so a hacker may very well have dug up several accounts that stored some older material for Apple product users. A version of the Cloud is used with other types of phones as well, so it is uncertain if the hackers managed to use only Apple products or they were able to hack into others.

New Day with Shane McMahon
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Regardless, none of this was ever supposed to get out. Xavier Woods got caught up in a huge problem, which he had no control over as did neither of the people involved at the end of the day. Many speculated that Paige might get fired, but this is clearly unlikely due to the various women connected to WWE that either posed nude or took part in various segments with WWE that included slight nudity. Some accidentally showed their bodies on camera as well.

Meanwhile, Seth Rollins had a nude photo shared of himself a few years back which was out of his control as well. WWE made him the WWE World Champion a few months later as he cashed in Money in the Bank at WrestleMania 31 in the main event of the show. He was not fined, suspended, or fired. He was made into one of the top heels in the entire company the same year.

Of course, neither WWE or Rollins wanted his stuff out there either. With this knowledge, it does not make sense to leave Xavier Woods off of WWE RAW or the entire New Day group. The rumor on New Day being left off television comes from a very weird source, of which never guaranteed but rather suggested that New Day might need to stay off television due to WWE RAW being in Brooklyn, New York on Monday night.

The source of this is a "former" WWE writer named Brian Maxwell Mann. He was asked by a radio show host on Twitter if WWE might take New Day off of television especially due to the location of WWE RAW. He responded in a series of Tweets, saying:

"They shouldn't. new day is such an irreverent group that you can almost imagine them subtlety joking about it if just a Woods selfie leaked. New day is one of the few acts that's allowed to be sexual, have to imagine Vince pulls back on that freedom now. Can't speak for Philly but I hope Brooklyn behaves themselves. wrestling crowd are a unique beast though. could see New Day kept backstage. The precedent was set with Seth - talent shouldn't be punished for stolen content. ignore the leaks and move on."
New Day at WM32
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When someone brought up Hulk Hogan, he claimed that Hogan's case was different. He was actually brought back and with WWE while his lawsuit with Gawker Media was still ongoing. It was only after the audio of racist remarks years back came out that Hogan was let go. Yet he will reportedly be brought back this year most likely.

Really, taking Woods or New Day off now makes no sense at the end of the day. It seems the media took his remarks out of context to mean that New Day was clearly going to be taken off of television when he simply gave his opinion and suggestion. He did not speak for WWE or even state what WWE was planning to do. He is a former writer as well, which means he would not know what Vince McMahon was planning.

Taking New Day off television now would come with a lot of problems. They are running an ice cream gag on television each week with the payoff supposedly coming at WrestleMania 33, where they happen to be the hosts for the entire show. Therefore, WWE cannot take them off of television even if they truly wanted to due to the fact that New Day is tied into things. Plus WWE may be smart to rip the bandage off and let Brooklyn go after New Day a bit and let them joke about the ordeal.

If it is done then, fans won't try to chant too heavily for it later on. If WWE does take New Day off of television this week, the chants and problems will only increase once they come out to host WrestleMania 33. That crowd is full of marks who paid a lot to get in and do not mind chanting for what WWE does not want them to chant for. Therefore, WWE would be better off not taking New Day or Xavier Woods off television and it looks like they never planned to anyway.

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