‘One Piece’ 860 Manga: Why Is Mother Caramel’s Photo Big Mom’s Weakness?

Things are definitely getting more complicated in the coming One Piece 860 manga. The most recent chapter of the manga series revealed just how absurdly difficult it is to take down a single Yonkou. However, Capone Bege also revealed in One Piece 859 manga that Big Mom has one known weakness that the alliance needs to take advantage for their plan to work. And naturally, fans are having the time of their life speculating on what Big Mom’s relationship could be to this weakness.

The Almost Invulnerable Yonkou

But before tackling those exciting One Piece 860 speculations, a brief recap or at least a rundown of the highlights introduced in the most recent chapter. Titled “The Yonkou Assassination Plot,” which can be read in Manga Stream, the chapter featured Capone Bege discussing to Luffy and the Straw Hats the details of his plan to take down Big Mom.

The main problem facing the Bege-Straw Hats alliance is that Big Mom is almost impossible to defeat. As described by Sanji, the Yonkou gave the impression of one big iron balloon, someone that just cannot be scratched. In fact, it was a description that Bege, who is under Big Mom’s employ for almost a year now, had to agree. Apparently, the Yonkou is impervious to almost anything. Whether she is rampaging through towns, sinking ships, being rained bullets or fired upon by cannons, Big Mom just shrugs them off and remains unscathed.

The second problem the alliance will be facing, probably in the coming One Piece Chapter 860 or later chapters, is the presence of Big Mom’s entourage. As stated by Bege, the two commanders will be present during such important occasion. Luffy’s previously fight with Crackers gave him a taste just how insanely powerful these commanders can be. To top it off are the other powerful high-ranking Charlottes as well as their various ministers that are also expected to be present in the wedding.

Bege’s 5-Second Requirement, Big Mom’s One Weakness

Fortunately for the Straw Hat Pirates, Bege has been around long enough to know one weakness that can be used against Big Mom in the coming One Piece 860. However, for the alliance to exploit that tiny weakness, Bege asks for a five-second window for him to execute his plan.

The five-second is basically the length of time it would take for Bege to deploy his secret weapon – an ultra-powerful poisoned grenade launcher developed by Caesar Clown. Within this period, Big Mom’s subordinates present in the wedding ceremony must be prevented from interfering with his plan. Stopping the rest from interfering is revealed to be the Straw Hat Pirates’ part of the overall plan. Luffy already promised to make a dramatic entrance, something that would keep the subordinates busy in One Piece 860, if the wedding does happen by then.

But the biggest reveal in One Piece Chapter 859 is Big Mom’s secret weakness. According to Bege and Chiffon, Big Mom always reserves a special seat in all of her tea parties. The seat will contain a photo of the mysterious Mother Caramel, whose relation or connection to Big Mom is not yet fully understood even among her close subordinates.

During a previous party, someone accidentally touched Mother Caramel’s picture. What happened next was totally terrifying to those present. Big Mom screamed a piercing sound that immobilized those in the vicinity. But even more surprising was that it somehow made the Yonkou vulnerable, her iron-hard skin bled as she scraped her knees. As revealed by Bege, he will not just be touching Mother Caramel’s photo but plans to split it in two for maximal effect during the upcoming wedding ceremony, an event that might hopefully happen in One Piece 860.

Big Mom’s Connection To The Mother Caramel Picture

With the revelation, many One Piece Chapter 860 speculations are concerned with theories regarding the connection between the Mother Caramel photo and Big Mom. At the moment, no explanation has been officially put forth by the manga that could make sense of why Big Mom could be hurt and lose her invincibility by if the picture is touched.

There are One Piece 860 speculations that say the real Yonkou could be residing inside the picture and that the gigantic Big Mom seen by everyone could just be a puppet like Cracker’s technique. Still, there are theories saying that the relationship between Big Mom and the picture could be akin to that of the seemingly immortal Dorian Gray.

All are just speculations for now. It is not even certain if One Piece 860 would already feature the actual wedding or still another exciting event in preparation for the big one. Be sure to stay tuned to the Inquisitr for the latest updates on the hit manga series.

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