Lindsay Lohan On Living A Life Of ‘Safe Chaos’ And Taking Back Control

Lindsay Lohan opened up in a candid interview revealing how she “took control back” of her life after ending a toxic relationship with Egor Tarabasov. Lohan parted ways with Egor in 2016 amid allegations that he was violent toward her, according to Daily Mail. Lohan confessed that with Egor, she somehow assimilated into a life of “safe chaos” and considered it “normal” because it was similar to the dynamic she witnessed between her parents Dina and Michael Lohan while they were married, as per Daily Mail.

Lohan said she stayed because it was normal for her. Soon, Lindsay had an epiphany and said she refused to subject herself to the same abuse her mother did with her father. Lindsay thought to herself, “Oh my God, I’m not going to put myself through what my mother went through, no. This ends now.”

“I notice and I look back and think I saw my mom going through this and I get it.”

“… Of course, as a child, you recognize, in psychiatry it’s a study, those moments become almost like a safe chaos and you just think it’s normal, but it’s not normal, and I remember saying to myself that moment when he ran out of my house, ‘Thank God.'”

Lindsay said her father was never physically abusive to her mom in her presence because the abuse happened before she was born but was confirmed through photos she had seen. However, Lindsay said she spent a long period of time “praying” for Egor to leave her before the relationship actually ended and he did.

When Lohan was asked how she would help someone else if the ever found themselves in an abusive situation, Lohan said she would feel such compassion that she would attempt to physically remove them from the situation.

“It’s really hard to talk to someone in that situation, you’re scared but you want to be strong and you want to make it calm… I don’t know. I just prayed for him to go, and he did, I got by with some angels It was that bad and I didn’t want anyone to know, so I didn’t talk about it… Because for me it’s a whole different situation the second it’s public.”

The Mean Girls star said realizing she needed to exit the relationship was one of the big turning points that sent her towards working with refugees in Syria. Ever since, the 30-year-old actress has chosen to focus on renewal, growth, and working with refugees in that country.

“I took control back in my life and said, ‘No one is going to hurt me, I’m gonna help other people and focus on taking care of myself.'”

Lohan Visits Syrian Refugee Camp In Turkey

Lindsay Lohan made a trip to Turkey and was able to visit Syrian refugees, and she was seen wearing a hijab. Lohan said she wore the hijab out of respect for workers in the Syrian refugee camps located in Nizip, near Turkey’s border. Lohan says the Syrian refugee crisis was brought to her attention by the news.

lindsay lohan
Lindsay Lohan with Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, center, his wife Emine, and Bana Al-Abed, a Syrian refuge child in Turkey, January of 2017. [Image by Yasin Bulbul/AP Images]

“I am deeply moved and touched, I want to use it as a token of appreciation for the generosity and all the love I received from everyone in the camp. Thank you.”

Upon moving to London and away from toxic friends, Lohan said she was able to contemplate what she wanted out of life and realized she wanted to work with children, which supports her claims of not wanting to visit Syrian refugee camps for publicity or monetary gain.

“In London, we have the news… and Bloomberg all day, so this is what’s on my TV. I don’t have Access Hollywood and all these other shows. I don’t see this anymore. For four years now, I don’t see this. And, I love it.”

Lohan said people see her on the street in London and they keep walking because she is considered “old news.” Lindsay mentioned if she enters a restaurant and spots paparazzi, she will begin to panic. The 30-year old actress said she’s not accustomed to the aggressive photographers anymore and considers them a part of her past. A source close to Lohan told People magazine that Lohan is incredibly happy with her life in London.

“She sounds more humble and much more calm… I think it was good for her to get away from her family – and she has said [moving to London] was the best thing that ever happened.”

Lindsay said she has always been involved in charity work since she was a young child– even while filming blockbuster hits like The Parent Trap and Mean Girls.

“I love giving back to people and whether I’m doing a movie or not… I’ve done all these Disney movies and these are not real things, as much as I love it and appreciate it— I would love to play ‘The Little Mermaid’ one day, I want to talk about real things right now, I’m 30-years-old and things are going to keep going, I want to be able to control my life as I live it day by day—and this is how all of this came to happen.”

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