Norton Mobile Security Suite Adds iOS Support, Improved Android Experience

Norton Mobile Security

Symantec’s Norton Mobile Security app for Google Android was updated on Tuesday. The app now includes a better user experience and its first ever support for iOS devices. According to the company, the updated app delivers extra protection for consumer needs.

The Norton Mobile Security app helps customers secure their devices, recover Smartphones when lost, and even prevent strangers from accessing user information from lost or stolen devices.

The mobility app now offers support for Google Android smartphones and tablets as well as iPhones and iPads.

The programs new contact backup saves contacts on Android and iOS devices to a remote server, allowing them to be restored if accidentally deleted or lost. Symantec also provides web-based management for security control on all of a users devices from one location. The program also provides a “scream” alarm and remote location of stolen devices.

The retail cost for Norton Mobile Security is $30, and it is available at various retail locations and through the Google Play store.

Norton has also announced that the Norton Mobile Security suite will also bring updates for Norton 360 Multi-Device and Norton One.

If you have a valid product subscription account for Norton, you will be able to grab the product through the company’s traditional subscription service model.

Mobile security has come under intense scrutiny since the iPhone was first released in 2007 and millions of customers began to flock more openly to the smartphone and tablet space. While Apple continues to claim that its OS is virus proof, many customers are choosing to take mobile security into their own hands.